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Interview with General Manager of Tourism Malaysia

Datuk Musa Yusof, General Manager of Tourism Malaysia, explains in the FITURNews interview the evolution of tourism in Malaysia and the details of the promotional campaign which has been a great success and has strengthened the country into a prime position, in terms of visitors and tourism incomes.

14 Jan 2020

How has tourism evolved in Malaysia in recent years?

Malaysia Truly Asia, the most successful tourism branding campaign for Malaysia has been in the running for almost 2 decades, although the Malaysia promotion actually started way back since 1990. That’s three decades in total.

It has contributed significant growth in tourism arrivals, with tourism receipts that enabled better development and enhancement of Malaysian tourism products , facilities, services and infrastructures.

The tourism sector has shown impressive performance recently. Between January and September 2019, tourist arrivals recorded a growth of 3.7% with 20.1 million tourist arrivals compared to 19.4 million tourist arrivals in the same period in 2018.

In tandem with uptrend of tourist arrivals, the tourist expenditure also recorded positive growth of +6.9% amounted to RM66.1 billion, compared to the same period the year before.

In 2018, with 25.8 million tourists visiting Malaysia, and we secured 15th place among countries with the highest number of tourist arrivals.

Malaysia also ranked No. 21 among countries with highest tourism revenue, bringing in RM84.1 billion (16.82 bil euros) in tourism revenue in 2018.

What kind of promotion does the country do to further boost the arrival of foreign tourists?

This year Malaysia celebrates Visit Malaysia 2020. The promotion focuses towards promoting sustainable tourism in the country, leveraging on the high growth of Millennial travellers and other market segments that are actively engaged as users of digital tech, e-commerce and social medias.

We collaborate with important partners to enhance connectivity to Malaysia through programs like airline partnerships; top retail travel distributors; roadshows and sales missions; educational fams for agents, events and global communication campaign to ensure Malaysia is chosen as a destination of choice for travellers for their leisure or business trips.

Tourism Malaysia has invested substantially to upgrade its digital presence, introducing a more customized visual experience for travellers who visits

Tourism Malaysia in partnership with other tourism suppliers also hosts regularly international and world-class events to attract leisure consumers and business visitors.