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Reasons Why FITUR’s Most Loyal Exhibitors Never Miss an Edition

Every year FITUR brings together thousands of exhibitors, but at the next edition, seven of them will also be celebrating 40 years of continuous attendance at the Fair. They are Turespaña, Renfe, Adif, Hotusa, Meliá Hotels, Paradores and the magazine Viajar. Their top executives explain why their companies have not missed a single edition over the last four decades.

27 Dec 2019

Isabel María Oliver, Secretary of State for Tourism and President of the Tourism Institute of Spain, TURESPAÑA:

“FITUR has witnessed the transformation of government involvement in Spanish tourism to adapt to changing tourism scenarios, geopolitical situations, changing of demand and technological transformations. It has also been the showcase for eight different international advertising campaigns in which Spain has evolved to present itself as a leading destination in terms of resources, creating experiences and emotions, capable of building tourists’ loyalty and constantly adapting to visitors’ needs.

For Turespaña, FITUR is a hub for meetings with the sector, for market information, for exhibiting new products, trends, innovations and technology. It also shows, in a single space, the continuous and ongoing relationship between the national government’s involvement in tourism and the private sector, with the autonomous regions and local entities, joining forces to create a sustainable and accessible offering that allows us to keep Spain at the head of world tourism development”.

Isaías Táboas, Chairman of Renfe:

“Since FITUR began it has been an opportunity for Renfe to present its commercial and institutional proposals to the market. 2020 will be a very important year for the company. The liberalisation of passenger rail travel comes into effect next year with new operators entering the market from December. One of the main new developments for Renfe is the launch of Avlo, the new high-speed train service, which will attract more passengers to the railways and make it a more inclusive and competitive means of transport. Renfe’s presence at FITUR allows us to make our products and services better known and to consolidate our position as a benchmark in terms of advice, development and operation of innovative solutions in the sector.”

Isabel Pardo de Vera Posada, President of Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad:

“One of Adif’s main objectives is to enable Spaniards and visitors to travel so that they can enjoy this country’s diverse cultural, historical, scenic and gastronomic attractions. To achieve this, our organisation has contributed to developing a rail network that is a world leader, confident that railway infrastructure is important for the Spanish tourism sector, conveying travellers to all corners of the country, and facilitating communication and territorial cohesion.

For these reasons, for Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad (Adif High Speed), FITUR is the best showcase for increasing public awareness and understanding about our business. Although we are not an operator in the conventional sense, we provide the platform and infrastructure that supports one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport, and one that is growing: the railway, which participates in the development of one of the most dynamic sectors of Spain’s economy, and which is one of its main revenue sources.”

Amancio López Seijas, Chairman of Hotusa Group:

“Hotusa Group is an organisation that’s growing continuously, with more than 40 years of experience behind it. Since its foundation, this company has been developing a policy for continuous improvement to allow it to consolidate, professionalise, diversify and internationalise its business with initiatives that focus on the strength of tourism as a driver of development in Spain. In this respect, our uninterrupted presence at FITUR over all these years has allowed us to actively participate in one of the key events in the sector. And it has also given us the opportunity to share opinions and to present our most innovative projects to all our customers, both in Spain and abroad.

We are very proud to be part of that small group of companies that have been attended every edition of this Fair since it began. It’s a real leader in the tourism world and has contributed so much, and I’m sure it will continue to contribute to our sector’s development in the future. We wish FITUR many more successful editions!”

Gabriel Escarrer Jaume, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Meliá Hotels International:

“This year FITUR reaches its 40th edition and we are delighted to celebrate its consolidation as one of the leading events for the international tourism sector. For four decades now it’s helped to strengthen development and innovation in this great industry and to boost the prestige of Spain as a brand. Meliá Hotels International, Spain’s leading hotel company, has attended every edition and will continue to do so, as FITUR represents the best opportunity to share new projects, knowledge, growth plans and, above all, to continue its commitment to the future and sustainability of our sector. Congratulations on your success. You can always count on our support.”

Óscar López Águeda, President and CEO of Paradores:

“Paradores is the brand with the best reputation in Spain thanks to the fact that, without losing its essential character, it has been innovating every year for almost a century to adapt to the needs of its customers. FITUR is a huge showcase and is key to publicising our new products, so each year’s International Tourism Fair is one of the main dates on the Paradores calendar. The whole company works hard to prepare the stand with great enthusiasm because we know how important FITUR is for the sector and for the many customers and friends who come to visit us there.

Luis Uribarri Bilbao, Chief Editor of Viajar Magazine:

“VIAJAR (Travel) is the magazine that promoted, together with the then-mayor of Madrid, Enrique Tierno Galván, the launch of FITUR, the largest tourism festival in Spain and one of the most important in the world. VIAJAR is proud that this event has reached its fortieth year, a period in which both brands have been evolving together and have contributed to the transformation and major changes that the travel industry has undergone. The synergy between VIAJAR and FITUR over these forty years has contributed to the success of each edition of the great festival of tourism in Spain.”