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10 January 2019

Our choice of walks - Japan's pilgrimage routes

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In collaboration with Shikoku Railway Company

Shikoku Pilgrimage (Henro or Junrei in Japanese) is to honour the Buddhist monk of Kukai

(aka Kobo Daishi) and simply the best way to explore this beautiful Island and meet the friendly local people. 

The vast route is approximately 1,200km long with 88 temples to visit, you can try this walk effectively by using

an ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass which allows you to take all JR trains and buses and as well as a few designated

ferries on the Island.


We can also arrange various walks of Kumono Kodo Ancient Pilgrimage or Hidden Christian

Sites in Nagasaki Region which are both registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, showcasing their

different histories and nature reserves.


For further details, please make an appointment to see us on FITUR calendar now!