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Ophthalmology, traumatology and cosmetic surgery, most demanded specialties by foreign patients in Vithas hospitals

Vithas participates in FITUR for the fifth consecutive year

The Department of International Services offers patients from 115 nationalities a personalised assistance 24/7

The prestigious Joint Commission International accredits Vithas International-Nuestra Señora de America (Madrid) and Vithas Xanit International (Benalmadena). Only 14 hospitals across Spain have such recognition

In 2018, the health group expanded its portfolio of services and developed technological innovations, such as the first multi-sensory virtual reality system for the rehabilitation of people with altered states of consciousness

18 Jan 2019

Vithas, the first healthcare group with 100 por ciento Spanish capital, will be present from 23rd to 27th of January at FITUR Salud (stand 8-C20) for the 5th consecutive year. The group currently has 19 hospitals and 29 medical centres providing service for more than 5 million patients a year, many of them foreigners. Ophthalmology, traumatology and cosmetic surgery are the most requested specialties by foreign patients, followed by fertility treatments, bariatric, orthopaedic and spinal surgery, gynaecology, medical check-ups and oncology.

Over the past year, Vithas cared for patients from 115 nationalities in a close and personalised manner thanks to its International Services Department. This department has been specially designed to meet patient needs in 16 languages 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Besides, it also facilitates administrative procedures with each national health system and insurance companies, providing guidance budgets within a maximum of 24 hours, so that the patient resident abroad has a prior financial estimate of what the treatment may entail.

All these steps are carried out by Personal Health Advisers, polyglot professionals who accompany patients throughout their hospital visit, a vital role in the healthcare of the foreign patients and one of the differential services of the Vithas group.

Quality of healthcare as a pillar of growth

Vithas offers its patients differentiated healthcare, based on a prompt, personalised service with proven quality. In 2017 hospitals Vithas International-Nuestra Señora de America (Madrid) and Vithas Xanit International (Benalmadena) obtained accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), which establishes demanding protocols of action to avoid errors and damage to patients during hospitalisation beyond the strict compliance with health legislation. Vithas Xanit International Hospital has been re-accredited since this hospital received its first recognition in 2014. In Spain, only 14 hospitals have been accredited by this evaluation body, the most prestigious and recognised model worldwide in the field of healthcare. With this recognition, the Vithas health group joins other prestigious hospitals, such as the Mayo Clinic or the Monte Sinai Hospital in the USA.

In 2018, the growth of the group was determined by its excellence, proximity to the patient and the quality of healthcare thanks to the innovation in the start-up of units such as Robotic Surgery and the expansion of services such as Neurorehabilitation, Multiple Sclerosis and Paediatric Cardiovascular Surgery.

The new pioneer Robotic Surgery Unit, boasting the Da Vinci robot, places Vithas Nuestra Señora de Fatima Hospital at the forefront of robotic surgery. It is the most innovative platform today for minimally invasive surgery. The robot is used for surgeries in urology, oncological gynaecology, thoracic, cardiovascular and general surgery and otorhinolaryngology. This technology improves the results, accuracy and safety of surgical acts.

The Neurorehabilitation Department is now available for patients in 6 Vithas centres. The last to incorporate in 2018 was the Hospital Vithas Nuestra Señora de Fatima (Vigo). This department offers important technological innovations for the benefit of the patient, such as the implementation of the first multi-sensory virtual reality system for the rehabilitation of people with altered states of consciousness (patients in vegetative state, wakefulness syndrome without response or in minimal consciousness). It is a unique system in the world for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from various forms of altered mental states. Its application allows stimulating damaged brain structures through immersive exposure to customised experiences according to the likings and preferences of the patients themselves.

The Multiple Sclerosis Research and Treatment Unit (MS) was inaugurated in October as the result of a collaboration between the Vithas Nisa Foundation and the Foundation for the Development of Research and Assistance in Chronic Neurological and Related Disabling Diseases (DINAC). The Unit is based in the Vithas Nisa Sevilla Hospital and it is the first of this kind in Andalusia among private hospitals and the fourth in Spain.

Furthermore, the first Paediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Unit in the private health sector of Andalusia was launched in May 2018 in the Vithas Nisa Sevilla Hospital. The Unit counts upon professionals dedicated to paediatric cardiac surgery, a consolidated team with years of joined work experience, a high-level Intensive Care Unit and specialists in paediatric intensive medicine. Finally, the Unit has a paediatric cardiology and Hemodynamics department with extensive experience in paediatric cardiovascular surgery.

The opening of new health centres

As for the opening of new centres, in 2018 Vithas Salud Medical Centre commenced its activity in Almuñecar (Granada), offering personalised care in several languages, so that patients and their families are treated in English, French, German and Spanish. The hospitals Vithas Parque San Antonio in Malaga and Vithas la Salud in Granada serve as its referring hospitals.

At the beginning of 2019, Vithas Salud-Comprehensive Medical Centre was opened in El Ejido (Almeria), endowed with 18 medical specialties, diagnostic technology and the only emergency service in the municipality. It also serves the towns of Adra, La Mojonera, Vícar and Roquetas de Mar. The quality of healthcare, medical excellence and proximity to the patient are at the heart of this centre’s activity, supported by  Vithas Virgen del Mar Hospital (Almeria) with more than 75 years of experience.

The Vithas Promise: high quality accredited healthcare, personal service and long term commitment

Vithas is the first healthcare operator with 100 por ciento Spanish capital. Its strategic commitment is defined by supporting the healthcare with the standards of quality accreditation of the highest international prestige, the Joint Commission International. Only 14 prestigious hospitals in Spain have such accreditation and recognition, and two of them are part of Vithas, in Madrid and Malaga. Each year Vithas cares for more than 5.000.000 patients in its 19 hospitals and 29 medical centres called Vithas Salud. The 48 centres are distributed throughout the country and include hospitals in Alicante, Almeria, Benalmadena, Castellon, Granada, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Lleida, Madrid, Malaga, Sevilla, Tenerife, Vigo, Valencia and Vitoria- Gasteiz. The 29 Vithas Salud centres  are located in Alicante, Almuñecar, Elche, El Ejido, Fuengirola, Granada, La Estrada, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Lleida, Madrid, Malaga, Marin, Nerja, Pontevedra, Rincon de la Victoria, Sanxenxo, Sevilla, Torre del Mar, Torremolinos, Vilagarcia, and Vitoria-Gasteiz. Vithas also counts upon more than 300 extraction points spread throughout Spain thanks to its network of Vithas Lab laboratories. Its own central purchasing office, PlazaSalud24, as a leader in the sector, provides service to 39 hospitals, 35 medical centres and 20 dental clinics.

Vithas has a strategic agreement with a hospital leader in the Balearic Islands, the Juaneda Healthcare Network, which has 5 hospitals and a wide network of medical centres throughout the region.

Vithas' commitment to accredited quality healthcare and personalised service goes hand in hand with the firm support and long-term vision of Vithas' shareholders: Goodgrower, who control 80 por ciento of the capital, and the' La Caixa' group, with the remaining 20 por ciento. With a growth model based on geographical diversification and sustainability, Vithas plans to continue consolidating its national presence both by opening new centres and through acquisitions and strategic agreements.