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LoungeUp is launching a new product which allows hotels to interact with their guests via text message

LoungeUp, the market leader in digital CRM solutions for tourist accommodation establishments, is adding a new product to its existing suite: LoungeUp SMS.

03 Dec 2018

The SMS open rate stands at 98 por ciento, therefore offering hotels an excellent opportunity to communicate with guests in the most personal manner possible and to offer a level of service that meets the increasingly demanding expectations of today’s travellers. Amongst today’s most demanding travellers are the Millennials. These ultra-connected individuals are fast becoming the dominant demographic among tourists, and they send an average of 67 text messages a day. SMS is, therefore, a communication channel with strong potential.

According to Mathieu Pollet, CEO and co-founder of LoungeUp, “the aim is simple: allow for a simple and efficient exchange between hotels and their guests, while maximising the hotel’s revenue and collecting data to enrich their guest files and personalise the guest experience to the max.”

For six months, during the pre-launch phase, some of LoungeUp’s client hotels were given the chance to use LoungeUp SMS and test its various functions.


Its functions are manifold:

  • One or several telephone numbers are created for the hotel, to which guests can send their messages directly
  • Using the data from the PMS, text messages can be sent automatically to specific guest segments while also allowing hotels to easily personalise their sending. For example, the recipients can be filtered by the booking channel used, room rate, length of stay (weekend, …), language etc. The sending settings are unlimited and allow for the creation of precise SMS campaigns. The scenarios are set up in advance and allow for text messages to be sent automatically without any extra effort. One-off messages can also be sent manually.
  • LoungeUp SMS is above all a communication tool allowing for exchanges to take place between the hotel and its guests. The integrated translation tool allows hotels to overcome the language barrier.
  • The hotel can also promote its additional services and increase its revenue by offering guests an easy way to book a table at the hotel restaurant, a spa treatment or a taxi, to upgrade their room, order breakfast and more. The hotel has control over all the content and can manage guest requests easily through the request management tool on the LoungeUp platform.


The platform allows for guests requests to be managed with optimal efficiency. The requests received through LoungeUp SMS can be directed to the appropriate member of staff and can be dealt with through their preferred channel: via email, the staff application, instant message etc.

To ensure a perfect traceability of the exchanges between the hotel and its guests, a log is kept with all the messages which can be accessed at all times.

Furthermore, to avoid guest requests being forgotten, an escalation system can be set up to let a manager know if a request has not been dealt with on time. Finally, a dashboard allows hotels to measure the performance of SMS campaigns and the revenue generated.

LoungeUp SMS helps hotels to live up to guest expectations and to further improve their quality of service.

Mathieu Pollet, CEO and co-founder of LoungeUp, concludes that “LoungeUp is an additional solution helping hotels to meet their guests’ expectations. The tool is extremely easy to set up and very economical. We are confident that our community of 1700 hotels in 15 countries will adopt it very quickly”







About LoungeUp

Created in 2012, LoungeUp offers a suite of products that allows hotels to accompany their guests along every step of their stay, to improve guest satisfaction and generate additional revenue. In just 5 years, LoungeUp quickly established itself as a major player within the domain of guest relations management in the hospitality industry with more than 1800 establishments using its solutions across 15 countries. Among its clients are renowned hotel chains such as Best Western Hotels&Resorts, The Barrière Hotels group, Tiara Hotels & Resorts, Relais du Silence, Qualys Hotels and more.

LoungeUp is constantly evolving to provide hotels with the best technological tools that allow them to have a unique relationship with their guests that increases guest satisfaction and loyalty. All its products are designed to streamline the guest experience, whether that be through the LoungeUp App, an in-stay hotel app, LoungeUp Events, a tool for event organisers, LoungeUp Emailing, a tool for the sending of transactional emails (upsell and pre check-in) or its latest product to date: LoungeUp SMS. 


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