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European funds offer a significant opportunity to optimise tourism models

"European Recovery Plan funds are an excellent opportunity to optimise the Spanish tourism model according to Álvaro Carrillo de Albornoz, Director General of ITH (Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero [The Spanish Hotel Technological Institute]). In this regard, the Spanish hotel sector has come together to advance two macro projects promoted by ITH and CEHAT (Confederación Española de Hoteles y Alojamientos Turísticos [The Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation]) that benefit both customers and business owners alike.

16 Mar 2021

"European Recovery Plan funds are an excellent opportunity to optimise the Spanish tourism model both in terms of destinations as well as the hotel industry, including transforming people's attitudes. However, we also must bear in mind that we can't rest on our laurels with regard to planning, executing and managing these matters," warns Mr Carrillo de Albornoz of ITH, which collaborates with FITUR in organising the specialised section called "FITURTECHY" (the benchmark brand for technology and management systems in the hotel and tourism industry).

For Mr Carrillo de Albornoz, "Transforming the tourism model in Spain is an initiative that's quite ambitious and we must begin labouring on public-private collaboration". Thus, "The Administration must reach a decision as soon as possible regarding what to do with the funds (and how to use them), so that we can continue moving forwards".

Smart hotels and intelligence platform

As a whole, the Spanish hotel sector has come together to advance two macro projects to reactivate tourism using the assistance provided for in the European Recovery Plan funds, also known as Next Generation EU (NGEU). These two macro projects are the "Smart hotel" initiative and the "Tourism intelligence and marketing platform", which are promoted by CEHAT and ITH and benefit both customers and business owners alike.

With the availability of European funds, CEHAT notes that Spain has an enormous opportunity to reconvert its tourism model, starting with hotels, then its destinations and finally transforming people's attitudes.

With the "Smart hotels" project, carried out in collaboration with AMADEUS, the hotel sector seeks to strengthen its competitiveness to retain its foothold as the world's leading tourist destination, and provide businesses with the tools and services they need for digital transformation and sustainability.

The ""Tourism intelligence and marketing platform", developed with PwC, proposes the creation of a digital space on both a national and regional level that helps destinations to promote technological systems and new infrastructures to take advantage of the data economy and the exchange of information between agents in the value chain, not only to improve decision-making, but with a view to increasing sales. For ITH and CEHAT, "The Platform would provide significant value to public administrations and private companies in developing grounded and specific business and customer-interaction strategies".

These two projects are the most pressing from the point of view of the sector's needsout of the five proposals presented in October in the ""Informe sobre el futuro del sector turístico ante los fondos Next Generation EU [Report on the future of the tourism sector concerning Next Generation EU funds]", written by CEHAT, ITH and PwC.