Fitur Know-How & Export tackles data management, digital transformation and sustainability at its 11th edition

A total of 40 exhibiting companies with technological solutions for the transformation of tourist destinations are taking part in this edition

Presentation of the first report on the level of digitalisation of tourism SMEs in Spain.

20 Dec 2022

Data management, best practices in the five pillars of the smart destinations model, digital transformation and sustainability are the keys to the 11th edition of the FITUR Know-How & Export section, organised by SEGITTUR and FITUR, in collaboration with ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones, which will be held from 18 to 20 January 2023.

Smart destinations continue to be the protagonists of FITUR Know-How & Export in an edition that will cover how European Next Generation funds are helping the digital transformation of destinations and provide details about the jobs of the future linked to DTI (Smart Tourist Destinations) and the role of councils as promoters of the DTI model.

Special attention will also be paid to data spaces for tourism and the Smart Destination Platform, projects promoted by the State Secretariat for Tourism, through SEGITTUR, and which are also financed by European funds.

Digitalisation will be another of the main topics, as the first report on the level of digitalisation of tourism SMEs in Spain will be presented, technologies for the transformation of destinations will be analysed and the guide to technological solutions for DTIs will be presented.

All this without forgetting the importance of sustainability, focusing on the sector's transition to the circular economy, with the practical case of destinations that are already working along these lines.

FITUR Know-How & Export will also be attended by multilateral financial institutions such as the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the CAF Development Bank of Latin America, with whom Spanish tourism companies will be able to hold bilateral meetings to learn about their lines of action.

Exhibiting companies

Forty companies are taking part in the exhibition space, including Alojapro, Arkikus, Atmoblile Apps, Aumentur, Clorian, Cultur AR, Dielmo 3d, Doblemente, En clave de éxito, Escape City Box, Escapping, Grupo Innovaris -Innaudit, GVAM Guías Interactivas, Gymkana Digital Turísticas, Hotelmanager, infotactile, Infotourist Office Inteligencia Turística, iUrban, Lionbridge and Lookish travel guide.

They are joined by Mabrian Technologies, Misterplan, Ruralgest, Movilok Showcases, Mystreetbook, Ok Localted, Optimizadata, Padword, Puntodis Accessible Solutions, Sismotur, Spalopia, Tifloactiva, Turistec, Unblock, Visionary Hospitality, Virtual Tours and Yiedlplanet.


In the workshop area, tourism professionals will be able to find a wide range of training on offer, ranging from booking management, sustainability certification, smart online distribution, digital tourism viewpoints, process efficiency and tourism security.