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12 November 2020

Travel Consultants, Now More Necessary Than Ever

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New restrictions and requirements surrounding the pandemic, quarantines and changes in flight availability mean travellers need more information and advice. A report by Amadeus explains why, from now on, it will be essential to provide personalised advice and be able to solve specific problems and disruptions.

As tourism resumes worldwide, travellers may find that planning their next itinerary is rather more complex and challenging, the Amadeus report warns. And in this new scenario, the study concludes that “brands that are able to accompany travelers at every stage of their journey and provide them with the information and resources they need will have a competitive.”

New regulations around restrictions and requirements, quarantines and shifting flight availability “requires time, knowledge and experience.” And in this new scenario “travel consultants have a key role to play in regaining travelers’ confidence and assisting them through all stages of their journey.” This means that specialized businesses must “ensure their workforce has the right skills needed to compete and grow to deliver better journeys for people exploring the world for business or leisure.”

Technology will be a crucial element in this endeavour, but emotional and human skills, a personalised approach and advice that computers cannot provide will also play a key role. So, “skills like adaptability and flexibility when working remotely, critical thinking or tech savviness combined with human creativity and innovation to discover new products and new ways of doing things are here to stay.”