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Travelling through Navarrevisca means immersing yourself in a natural and human landscape. Sheltered by the peaks of the Sierra de Gredos Oriental, the old roads have been recovered and are now beautiful ecotourism routes. Navarrevisca means Birdwatching, butterflies, landscape and a real village experience.

26 Oct 2018

Navarrevisca is located in a beautiful spot in the Sierra de Gredos Oriental, where you can hear the crystalline waters of the Garganta Fernandina. The whole area pours its waters into the Alberche River, where the black stork, the cinereous vulture and the Adalbert's eagle fly along its banks. Navarrevisca is different. Since long time ago, people has been aware of the need to preserve the environment and at the same time keep their own roots. Therefore, since 2000 and thanks to the altruistic collaboration of its neighbours, the old paths, fountains and bridges have been recovered. They became walking routes that will lead you to every place around, often signposted with the "Caminante", its logo made of strokes. Thanks to them altruists, the names of the places will be remembered, sometimes engraved in stone, and also in the maps and brochures of the routes.

Navarrevisca? all year round! Spring Navarrevisca is fresh and full of music, theatre and traditions. With the first flowers we walk in botanical routes of biodiversity in which we will teach you how to recognize the "boruja" and the chamomile of Gredos. Summer is cheerful and full of people enjoying the sun, swimming pools and sports areas. You can feel immersed in the scenery of the mountains where you can hear the "Ciervo volante" (*Lucanus cervus*, an stag beetle). The Butterflies Oasis, a Hide for birdwatching and the Routes of the Altruists are protagonists. Autumn in Navarrevisca brings back smells of livestock fairs, mycological tourism and more routes, but this time gastronomic. In winter the snow caresses your skin, and we enjoy the chimney and the silence, renewing our senses, and relaxing our thoughts. Would you like to visit us? We kindly invite you to our town, where we will welcome you and try to make you have an unforgettable experience, an experience that you always remember with a smile. Come to Navarrevisca!