¿What is LAN Party?

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What is the LAN Party?

More than 2000 players under one roof sharing the same connection: this is our LAN Party, a great gathering of players and technology fans.

Not all participants of a LAN Party play video games, many are programmers, DJs, graphic designers or technology enthusiasts, who come to enjoy the opportunities offered by the high-speed, low-latency LAN connection at our facilities, the data transfer between participants and, of course, to share four unforgettable days with friends and other people that share their enthusiasm for their favorite hobbies.

DreamHack is proud to be recognized as the largest LAN Party in the world, a milestone achieved at its 'DreamHack Winter' stop in Jönköping, Sweden, in 2015, where more than 21,923 devices were connected to the LAN at the same time In Spain, the culture of the LAN Party is opening up year by year. This year more than 2000 participants are expected in Madrid.