¿What is LAN Party?

What is the LAN Party?

More than 2000 players under one roof sharing the same connection: this is our LAN Party, a great gathering of players and technology fans.

Not all participants of a LAN Party play video games, many are programmers, DJs, graphic designers or technology enthusiasts, who come to enjoy the opportunities offered by the high-speed, low-latency LAN connection at our facilities, the data transfer between participants and, of course, to share four unforgettable days with friends and other people that share their enthusiasm for their favorite hobbies.

DreamHack is proud to be recognized as the largest LAN Party in the world, a milestone achieved at its 'DreamHack Winter' stop in Jönköping, Sweden, in 2015, where more than 21,923 devices were connected to the LAN at the same time In Spain, the culture of the LAN Party is opening up year by year. This year more than 2000 participants are expected in Madrid. 


DreamHack Madrid doesn’t impose any age restrictions (Event and Day pass). Any minor (born after December the 13th 2001) who wants a Byoc Pass or a Gamer Pass will be able to attend as long as they are able to provide The Parental Consent Document (attaching the required documentation) in which the parent takes the responsibility for their children’s actions and the damage they could cause during the festival. Please keep in mind that DreamHack Valencia is open for all ages but can contain content like tournaments, exhibitors and partners showing games and other material not suitable for all ages. By any means the organizers (DreamHack, ENCOM and IFEMA) will take any kind of responsibility for the actions


Find the form at the ‘Parental consent’ section or download at www.dreamhack.es If the minor does not carry the required documents, s/he may be asked to leave the venue. The ticket WON'T be refunded. We would like to encourage the parents to join their children in the event to make sure they do not access unlawful content from the event or take part in situations that may happen in an event made for an older audience. Every attendee thoroughly understands and accepts all the rules previously mentioned. The organization reserves the right to change these rules without previous notice.