Events in Madrid this weekend

Take notice of the activities you can do if you spend the weekend in the capital. IFEMA MADRID informs you of the largest selection of events you can attend this weekend: gymkhanas, tours, art exhibitions, masterclasses, workshops... All of them suitable for all ages and tastes. Don't miss the opportunity to be properly entertained!

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All the events for this weekend in Madrid

Once again the weekend arrives and you haven't planned what to do for various reasons. Then the doubts and the rush to make the most of the only days of rest we have during the week arise. However, you don't have to worry because the capital offers you a wide variety of events that you can attend and make your weekend really worthwhile, even more than you could imagine.

One of the main reasons to enjoy the leisure alternatives that Madrid has to offer is its cultural heritage. That's why there are different types of events dedicated to this theme. Some can take the form of gymkhanas, others like the classic street tour; in either case, you can feel part of the history through which a capital city has been forged, which you will rediscover with these weekend events in Madrid.

Similarly, there are multiple art exhibitions available that will open up a world full of ideas that will end up inspiring you in some way, as well as masterclasses and multidisciplinary workshops where you can learn to develop all kinds of skills.

Book presentations, live concerts, theatrical performances, audiovisual screenings and hiking trails, among other leisure activities, are not to be missed among the events in Madrid this weekend either. But if you're looking for originality, then you can go to the language exchange meetings, which will not only allow you to improve the way you express yourself in a foreign language, but will also give you the chance to meet people from different parts of the world. Not to mention more curious events such as speed dating, where you might find love. Whatever the case, you will socialise with people with whom you can even do these and many other weekend activities.