Magic shows in Madrid

Follow in the wake of the astonishment caused by magic shows in the capital. From IFEMA MADRID you can check shows, dates and ticket availability so that you don't miss out on an experience that will amaze you.

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Discover the magic shows in Madrid

There are different types of shows: musicals, films, theatricals... that arouse endless emotions in the audience. However, magic manages to go further and creates a fantasy in the minds of its spectators, making it impossible to unravel the trick that was used for it.

And it is precisely this unknown, which we keep turning over and over in our heads, that also motivates us to witness how magicians, illusionists and hypnotists once again deceive our senses, leaving us with our mouths wide open.

To do so, these artists will resort to humour, they will make us part of their strategy and unexpectedly we will find ourselves leaving the theatre after having attended the magic show in Madrid wondering how they did it again.

That is the spark of magic, as attractive as it is unknown, that engages both the most susceptible children and the most experienced adults. No one escapes the illusion generated by this type of showman.

Thus, you can choose from a wide range of performances where different kinds of specialities are exploited: the classic pack of cards, the enigmatic mentalism, the incredible tricks of escapism... that invite all kinds of audiences to daydream with their staging.

Whatever, magic flows all around you and you just have to be attentive so as not to miss any of the magic shows in Madrid.