José Vicente de los Mozos

Chairman of the Executive Committee of IFEMA MADRID

“2021 was a year in which we learnt to promote change in the ways we work, in which we led a digitalisation process capable of developing platforms that open up new audiences and enable us to offer services to companies 365 days a year. We have overcome a situation in which we were unable to hold physical events. We have reinvented ourselves by specialising in virtual and hybrid trade fairs. But we have never lost sight of what makes trade fairs intrinsically valuable - human contact, which is indispensable for inspiring projects, connecting companies and generating business”.


IFEMA MADRID was a pioneer in reactivating the exhibition sector by organising in-person events in 2021. Two processes were happening in parallel during the year. First, we were continuously developing new virtual solutions, enabling us to maintain our exhibition activity even during those months with the most rigorous restrictive measures in response to the pandemic. And second, there was a gradual return to in-person events, with some of the most iconic trade fairs in our calendar.

The landmark in the return to in-person events was FITUR, which was held under the title “Tourism recovery special”. This was the first international mobility experience in Europe following the outbreak of the pandemic. This event marked a turning point in the response of exhibitors and the public, and in media interest and institutional support, highlighting the urgent need to revive the tourism sector worldwide.

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IFEMA MADRID - An inspiration that can be experienced and felt

New corporate identity

Our new corporate identity answers the need to reposition our brand to meet the new challenges associated with changes in the market, our audiences and the competitive environment.

We therefore undertook a comprehensive repositioning of our brand - both its visual image and concept - to contribute actively to driving our Institution forward, reconfirming our vocation of service to society.

This new essence imbues all of the elements that express the brand: the symbol and logo, slogan, colours, fonts and photography style. This defines a unique space for IFEMA MADRID, establishing the main pillars for promoting the brand in a credible, relevant and differentiating way.

Impact in communication

In the difficult conditions of 2021, the activity of IFEMA MADRID's communication channels was crucial in communicating and emphasising the stages in the reactivation of our operations. Together with the communication campaigns for each of our trade fairs and events, we issued releases on the return of in-person activity at the end of the first quarter of the year, our cultural

programme over the summer months, and our planned actions for the final quarter.

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Financial management report

IFEMA MADRID achieved its main financial goal for 2021: to achieve a positive result despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our activity. This success was made possible by introducing a broad range of preventive health measures which allowed in-person activity to resume, leading the international reactivation of the sector. Our initiatives inspired loyalty among our exhibitors and visitors, and were supported by the continuous work of our own teams and those of our partner companies and reinforced by members of the consortium.

Annual report 2021
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