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In support of the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development declared by the United Nations, Fundación InterMundial, with the assistance of FITUR and the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero  [ITH], has created a Responsible Tourism Award to acknowledge commitment by tourism companies working towards the development and activation of tourism that promotes environmentally and economically responsible practices, with a caring attitude towards local populations.

For tourism to be responsible it must in effect reinvest profits generated into those local populations, promoting awareness and respect for the environment and for the society that welcomes the tourism, with a bias towards sustainable economic growth.

This award is open to all companies exhibiting at FITUR which have been working to benefit responsible tourism in the last 2 years, either by implementing policies or taking specific operational measures or through customer oriented actions. Any company wishing to be considered for the award should apply by writing to the email address premios@fundacionintermundial.es and complete the registration form.

There are 3 award categories, according to the different sectors a candidate company may belong to:

  • Hotel and Catering (accommodation, food & beverage and related services)
  • Transport (means of transport, airports, ports and miscellaneous)
  • Tourism products and services (incentives and conferences, tour operators, travel agents, leisure and health, etc.)

The jury comprises renowned professionals from the tourism sector and will select one winner in each category. In addition, the jury will make special mention of tourism destinations that have implemented responsible tourism policies. Candidates in that category can submit their applications using the corresponding form to the email address premios@fundacionintermundial.es.

The awards will be given at FITURTECHY2018.

Legal Terms and Conditions.

Entry Form for Destinations.

Entry Form for Companies.



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