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Fundación InterMundial, in collaboration with FITUR, announces the next Responsible Tourism Prize. In its first year, in 2017, there were 56 candidates from a total of 13 countries for this award, which came about to recognise the involvement of tourism companies working to develop and stimulate tourism which respects the environment, the economy and the local community.

The prize is aimed at all those companies exhibiting at FITUR 2019 which, in the last two years, have worked to promote responsible tourism by implementing specific operating policies or measures or through actions aimed at their customers.
Companies interested in taking part must put themselves forward as candidates, before 4 January, by emailing premios@fundacionintermundial.es and completing the registration form.
Just as last time, the Responsible Tourism Prize comprises different categories, according to which sector the participating company is in. As a new feature this time, a new Blogosphere division has been added, to recognise the blog which, with its content, works to raise awareness in society around sustainable tourism practices. The award is, therefore, divided into the following categories:

  • Hotel and catering trade (accommodation, catering and related services)
  • Tourist transport and tourism products and services (means of transport, airports, incentives and conferences, tour operators, agencies, leisure, health, etc.)
  • Tourist destinations
  • Blogosphere
In January, the jury, made up of recognised professionals from the tourism sector, will choose a winner for each of the categories. The prizes will be presented at FITUR 2019, the International Tourism Fair.



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