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imagen Knowhow

IFEMA-FITUR is organizing the Fourth Hosted BuyersWorkshop, which offers some 200 foreign guests the chance to attend FITUR2014 so that they can take advantage of a series of new businessopportunities.
Workshops play a key roleat FITUR: our B2B Meetings ensure optimum use of the time availablebased on a series of scheduled meetings, with a view to fostering businessactivity. At the last staging, the workshops at FITUR brought togethernumerous representatives of supply and demand, generating around 2,000pre-arranged appointments, based on the explicit interests of theparticipants: exhibitors and co-exhibitors interested in promoting theirproducts worldwide and foreign buyers.
Professional profile of the buyers: International travel agencies andtour operators. This event will take place on Thursday 23 January 2014 inthe morning

Registration deadline: 3 December2013. Free participation.

  • The Hosted Buyer sends to the Organization its company´s profile. This information will be sent to the exhibitors and co-exhibitors registered in the Workshop so that they can select those Hosted Buyers which may be interesting for them in order to have an appointment.
  • Likewise the exhibitor’s and co-exhibitor’s profile is sent to the Hosted Buyers, so they can make a selection of the companies they wish to meet during the Workshop. 
  • The Organization will organize the appointments according to the following criteria:
      • 1st  selection: the Hosted Buyer and the exhibitor/ co-exhibitor have a mutual interest in meeting each other.
      • 2nd selection: the Hosted Buyer wishes to meet the exhibitor/co-exhibitor.
      • 3rd selection: the exhibitor/ co-exhibitor wishes to meet the Hosted Buyer. 
  • The agenda of meetings is sent to every participant approximately one week before the beginning of FITUR 2014.