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Advantages of Participating

Objectives fulfilled at FITUR

Imagen Ventajas de Participar When making decisions regarding your attendance at the fair, it is very important to define a series of clear objectives that your company wishes to achieve through its participation at the event.




  • Sales:
    To generate sales.
    To build a solid data base of potential clients.
  • Trade Contacts:
    An opportunity to meet and mingle with current and potential clients.
    To inform your clients regarding your products.
    To exploit the distribution channel vertically, along with crossed sales.
    To canvas client opinions.
    To recover clients.
  • Sector Research:
    To carry out market studies.
    To test out new products and services.
    To test out new marketing campaigns.
    To test brand image and perceptions.
  • Brand Positioning:
    To create and strengthen brand awareness.
    To position and re-position brands.
    To establish contact with investors.
    To develop new markets.
  • Distribution Channel:
    To identify and attract new partners and distributors.
    To provide coverage for current distributors.
    To build a reputation in order to secure future agreements. .
  • Media:
    To keep open the channels of communication with publishers and journalists.
    To promote the publication of news items regarding new products and services.
    To achieve an impact in the general media.



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