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Organising the Exhibition

25 advices to organise the exhibition


  • Define the objectives you wish to pursue and create a budget based on these objectives.
  • Design a stand that will fulfill these objectives.
  • Identify, bring together, evaluate and define specific measures for each group of clients targeted by your business.
  • Announce your attendance at FITUR to each group of clients and urge them to visit you at the fair.
  • Advertising and Promotion: Announce the PRODUCTS, SERVICES AND NEW FEATURES you plan to present at the event prior to the fair.
  • Prepare the material required in order to send out prior invitations and summons, as well as to properly attend your stand throughout the five-day duration of the fair.
  • Are you able to secure a sponsor or an association to support your attendance at the fair?
  • Train the information and sales staff who are going to attend your stand, informing them of the objectives you aim to achieve.
  • If you wish to organize an event, a presentation, a press conference, a seminar or a convention throughout the course of FITUR, do not forget to reserve your room in advance through the Convention Centre Department.
  • Review the deadlines established in the FITUR Exhibitor’s Guide in order to ensure you meet them.
  • Prepare the logistics and services you will require for each day of your attendance at the fair.
  • Organise your Appointments Diary in advance.
  • Use your Trade Invitations correctly.

Manage your participation DURING THE EXHIBITION

  • Assemble your stand as soon as possible in order to avoid last-minute upsets.
  • Each day review each of the measures that you plan to carry out at your stand.
  • Use exactly the right amount of time with each client. Optimizing your time means achieving results. Focus on your Target Group, compiling their details so that you can contact them subsequently.
  • Strictly fulfill your Appointments Diary.
  • Make the most of the attendance of the more than 6,000 journalists at the fair, as well as that of media bodies from around the world.
  • The most successful exhibitor is not he who makes the most noise, but he who has segmented his target group and has carried out his corresponding trade and marketing measures.
  • Never disassemble or abandon your stand before the trade fair concludes. This can be seriously detrimental to the image of your company or tourist destination.

Don´t forget the FOLLOW UP

  • Carry out an EVALUATION with your entire team at FITUR.
  • Assess your results. On occasion, it will be necessary to wait for up to 6 months after the trade fair in order to assess the effectiveness of the contacts you have made.
  • Plan the follow-up measures you intend to implement (press, clients, new buyers, new agents, authorities...). This could be one of the most profitable measures you take during your participation.
  • Evaluate your Promotional and Advertising Campaigns and Press Dossiers.
  • Reserve your space for the next edition.


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