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  ARCOlisboa 2017 returns to the Cordoaria Nacional from 18 to 21 May

Foto ARCOlisboa 2017 returns to the Cordoaria Nacional from 18 to 21 May

Following the success of ARCOlisboa’s first edition, the International Contemporary Art Fair of Lisbon returns with high expectations to its venue in the Cordoaria Nacional. This second edition, organised by IFEMA, will take place from 18 to 21 May.

Quality contents and galleries focusing on projects of a high standard will once again convert ARCOlisboa 2017 into the Portuguese capital’s major art and social event. In addition to the attractions of the Fair, an important art and cultural programme will take place in the city, awakening the interest of international collectors, renowned professionals and the general public.

On this edition, the General Programme will include 50 galleries selected by the Organising Committee after analysing all the projects submitted, over half of which are foreign. The most important galleries in Portugal will be represented. From Lisbon there will be Cristina Guerra, Pedro Cera, Vera Cortês, and from Oporto, Murias Centeno, Quadrado Azul –both with branches in the capital-, Fernando Santos and Pedro Oliveira, in addition to other interesting projects from Braga - Mario Sequeira- and the Azores - Fonseca Macedo-. Foreign participation will also be significant, with galleries such as Elba Benítez, Juana de Aizpuru, Giorgio Persano, Vermelho, Monitor and Zak Branicka, among others.

Lisbon is consolidating its reputation as a preferential destination for interesting projects from galleries all over the world deciding to open their main or second branches in the city. This reality is reflected in the foundations of the new Opening section. A programme that will enjoy the participation of 8 international and national galleries that are less than seven years old, selected by the Portuguese writer and curator, João Laia. Hence, the section will show a representation of the young Portuguese gallery scene with Madragoa and Pedro Alfacinha, in dialogue with international counterparts such as Dürst, Britt & Mayhew or José García

Thus, the scope of the Fair will range from the emerging artists represented in Opening such as Renato Leotta or Karlos Gil to creators of international repute such as Erwin Wurm, José Pedro Croft, João Louro, Sergio Vega, Nathaniel Mellors and Carlos Garaicoa, alongside more classic pieces by the contemporary masters –Picasso, Vieira da Silva, etc-, in galleries such as Leandro Navarro, João Esteves de Oliveira and José de la Mano.

On this occasion, ARCOlisboa FORUM proposes a programme of debate and reflection, open to the public, that will revolve around contemporary creation and the art market in four master classes given by critics and collectors in the auditorium of Casa da América Latina, a space located just a few metres from the Cordoaria Nacional. Moreover, ARCOlisboa will also host other presentations at the Fair, coordinated by Miguel Amado and Ana Cristina Cachola, under the title of ‘What am I working on?’, in which over 20 international professionals will share their current and future projects.  

On the occasion of Lisbon’s nomination as the Ibero-American Capital of Culture 2017, the Meeting of European and Latin American Museums will be held in Portugal for the first time. Directed by Juan Gaitán and Pedro Gadanho, it will draw over 20 directors and curators of prestigious institutions from both sides of the Atlantic.  

In addition to its gallery programme, independent Portuguese publishers and bookshops will also be present at ARCOlisboa in the ´As tables are shelves´ space, under the direction of Luiza Teixeira de Freitas. This is a space for the discovery of new editorial contents, to be completed with the presence of other local and international magazines and publications linked to contemporary art.  

The Cordoaria Nacional, considered one of the most outstanding examples of 18th-century industrial architecture, once again offers a unique design that not only adapts to the volume of the stands, but also makes it possible to walk the fair easily. This year, ARCOlisboa will also extend out to the building’s courtyards, creating spaces for meeting, eating and activities. Likewise, it will once again offer a VIP Lounge in a space combining contemporary and vintage styles, and equipped with exquisite eateries. The Fair is located in the new contemporary art enclave just a few steps from the Museu MAAT and the Museu Serralves exhibition. 

The artworld turns the spotlight on Lisbon yet again, on a city wholeheartedly dedicated to contemporary art that is joined in its enthusiasm by the Feria de la Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Fundaçao EDP and the Portuguese Ministry for Culture, which offer their support along with other institutions, art centres and galleries in the form of different exhibitions and events, thus providing opportunities for encounters with ARCOlisboa’s participants and guests. All of this at a moment of particular dynamism in the country’s art scene, coinciding with the new centre of the Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia (MAAT) de la Fundação EDP, new galleries and non-profit spaces. 

For five days, Lisbon will become the capital of contemporary art thanks to the Fair and visits to the city’s best museums, institutions and collections, set to present exhibitions as outstanding as Carlos Garaicoa, Ana Pérez-Quiroga and João Onofre, in MAAT -Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia-; -; Pedro Neves Marques in MUSEU COLEÇÃO BERARDO; José Pedro Croft, in CHIADO 8 –Espaço Fidelidade arte contemporánea / Mace-; Paloma Bosque, in PAVILHÃO BRANCO –EGEAC-, Almada Negreiros and Manuela Marques, in MUSEU CALOUSTE GULBENKIAN; Julião Sarmento, Helena Almeida, Vítor Pomar, Ângelo de Sousa, Fernando Calhau, José Barrias, Ernesto de Sousa, Jorge Molder, Alberto Carneiro, in CULTURGEST; Francisco Tropa, in FUNDAÇÃO CARMONA E COSTA. Other spaces will present the works of artists such as Jorge Martins, Vieira da Silva, Arpad Szénes, Ana Vidigal, in MUSEU ARPAD SZÉNES VIEIRA DA SILVA; Pedro Cabrita Reis, in PAVILHÃO 31 –Julio de Matos Psychiatric Hospital-.

In addition, there will be collections such as the FUNDAÇÃO LEAL RIOS; MUSEU NACIONAL DE ARTE CONTEMPORÂNEA DO CHIADO, as well as the exhibition, Synopsis missing, including works from the SERRALVES collection, to be held in the Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria Nacional.

The city’s independent scene will also present very high quality proposals with exhibitions by Emily Roysdon, in KUNSTHALLE LISSABON; Noé Sendas and Jacobo Castellano, in APPLETON SQUARE, and Vitor Palla and Bento d'Almeida, in GARAGEM SUL –CCB Fundação Centro Cultural de Belém-, to mention but a few. 

As part of the programme, each morning from 17 to 21 May, a special opening and the ARCOlisboa galleries’ brunch will be held in one of the city’s gallery districts.

ARCOlisboa 2017 will open its doors to the public from 18 to 21 May, from 12 noon to 8pm (and until 6pm on the last day).

Cordoaria Nacional
Avda. da India, s/n

Lisboa. Portugal




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