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50% of tourists travels to shop, a segment which will attract important fashion companies to FITUR SHOPPING

Shopping tourism as a segment has one of the greatest potentials for growth in the sector, as 50% of people travelling in the world give shopping as the first or second reason for their trip, with this percentage rising even further among visitors from emerging countries. According to the World Tourism Organisation’s Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai, “shopping tourism has gone from being a complementary factor to becoming consolidated as a primary reason for tourists choosing a particular destination, especially in markets such as China, Russia or Brazil”.

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G

In Spain, shopping is also establishing itself as an increasingly present activity among visitors and is already bringing in annual revenues of 1.1 billion euros from tourists coming from outside the European Union.

FITUR SHOPPING, the benchmark international event due to be staged as part of FITUR 2015 and devoted to promoting shopping tourism, has captured the interest of many important fashion firms, retail spaces and tourist destinations in its first edition. All of them will attend and offer their products to a segment with major potential.




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