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Palestine has a several attractions to suit all interests and we've combined a list of the top visited charms and the best things to do in Palestine. Enjoy!

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1.      Explore the Old City of Jerusalem. A tour of this ancient Biblical city will simply unravel pages of timeless history and culture seldom seen elsewhere in the world. Our aim is manage your tour so that you don’t miss out on Jerusalem’s wonderful story. You will have the chance to visit Al Aqsa Mosque, The Dome of the Rock, The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Garden of Gethsemane, The Mount of Olives, the Church of all Nations and more.

2.      Visit the city of birthplace of Jesus to the fullest. Bethlehem holds considerable historical and religious importance and is filled with a variety of Holy sites that we will be more than happy to help you visit.  

3.      A Paradise for walkers, Wadi Qelt is a rocky valley at the gates of the Judaean Desert. Its spectacular views comprise a canyon with towering cliffs and green vales at its bottom. In the spring, the area becomes especially alluring with blossoming plants bursting in hundreds of colors and scents. This is a treat for hikers!

4.      Experience Ramallah, the city that will never let you get bored. It keeps its visitors busy with coffee shops, restaurants, bars, art galleries & theaters.  A visit to Ramallah is never complete without eating Shawarma, Hummus and Falafel and also without watching a Dabkeh show, the traditional Palestinian dance, all of which we will arrange for you according to your schedule.

5.      Taste an authentic Palestinian dish, Mushakan the combination of roasted chicken baked with onions, sumac, allspice, saffron and fried pine nuts that are served over taboon bread, make it outstanding Palestinian dish.

6.      Discover Sebastia, a tremendous treat for lovers of the old! As old as 10,000 years, the city had been the site of successive conquerors, starting with the Canaanites, Assyrians, Hellenes, Romans, Byzantines, and ending with the early Islamic conquests of the 7th century.

7.      Spend a day in Taybeh. This little quaint town lives up to its name for the hospitality of its people and the dazzling views of the Judaean Desert, the Jordan Valley, Jericho, and the Dead Sea. Taybeh nowadays is home to Palestine’s only brewery, The Taybeh Brewing Company. The plant introduces visitors to sampling tours of its exquisite hand crafted micro-brewed beers as well as its fine selection of locally brewed liquors, spirits and wines.  

8.      Enjoy the Dead Sea. This impressive body of water boasts the record for being the lowest point on earth, it is the deepest salt lake in the world and it is the saltiest body of water on earth with a salinity that is almost 10 times higher than that of the ocean! The Dead Sea’s mineral-rich mud is renowned for having medicinal attributes that range from healing skin illnesses, to chronic ailments such as arthritis. You can either enjoy a good soothing mud massage on its beaches, or you might as well bask under the sun while gently floating on the surface of the highly dense water. With all the invigorating powers of its waters, the Dead Sea is a real life giver!

9.      Not miss Hebron. The old market in Hebron is a quaint gallery of alleys displaying numerous shops and stalls. Colorful and warm vendors would parade their wares for visitors to choose. If vibrant culture is what you’re looking for, we will definitely make sure you experience it in Hebron. There you’ll find a variety of local good ranging from elegant pottery, blown glass, finely carved olivewood figures, and aromatic spices, to locally manufactured leather shoes. Also, their delicious dibs, molasses-like syrup made from Hebron’s signature grapes is not to miss.

10.   Want something memorable to take home? There’s always a delightful souvenir to take with you. Palestine is renowned for its variety of skilled handicraft work.  Palestine offers you the opportunity of obtaining local handmade souvenirs, either crafted on olive wood, glasses, pottery or embroidery.





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