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Palestinian Handicrafts

Want something memorable to take home?

Noticia Expositor G

There’s always a delightful souvenir to take with you. Palestine is renowned for its variety of skilled handicraft work. Pottery is an art well established in Palestine; it includes ceramics decorated with intricate geometric patterns and some have lively-painted depictions of traditional life. There’s also colorful glassware decorated with exquisitely chiseled silver. As a tradition that is thousands of years old, Palestinian artisans have also made of the Biblical olive wood and mother-of-pearl an art renowned throughout the world. You can find anything ranging from graceful figures and religious statues; to boxes of all sizes, crosses, rosaries, key-chains, reliquaries, and much more. In clothing, Palestine is rich with artistically cross-stitched embroidery used on traditional dresses, jackets, cushions, and tablecloths. Skilled artisans and blacksmiths have also mastered the art of copper and brass cutlery and ancient utensils, many exquisitely chiseled with Biblical scenes or depictions of traditional life. There’ll always be a souvenir for you no matter what!




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