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Beyond the Signs!

If you try to envision or suggest that you are visiting Palestine, danger signs will manifest themselves to you. Danger signs that are caused by a history of constant instability that haunts Palestinian life.

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However, beyond these signs lay the stubborn olive groves and a relentless will to live.

Beyond them, vibrant culture, stunning nature and unique history are being molded into an image of terror and insecurity. Behind these warning signs, the warm smiles and the unguarded generosity of the Palestinian people are being veiled from the rest of the world. Beyond these signs, life lingers on the thresholds of hope.


It is true that you may encounter checkpoints and red signs on your way into Palestinian cities, but let this be of no concern. Palestine has always been safe for tourists to visit and tour the country. The only proof is the number of tourists who have visited and left Palestine unharmed, having changed this image of fear into an image of magical beauty and unparalleled history. Tourists are welcomed by all the citizens who love to share their country and traditions with people from all over the world. And there is no need to worry about crossing between Palestine and Israel, as hundreds of tourists make the crossing everyday safely. However, you should carry your passport in order to pass through the Israeli checkpoints.


We invite to look beyond that danger sign, and beyond the veil that conceals the essence of Palestine from the rest of the world. Yes, Palestine does and has been struggling with the tyranny of its oppressor, however, Palestinian life has found a way to survive and thrive. Palestine eagerly awaits to reveal its mystical qualities to you, with a peaceful olive branch extending from its palms.  
















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