Commitment to sustainability

IFEMA MADRID is fully committed to the Agenda 2030 and promotes compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), both directly in our own activity and by forging alliances with stakeholders to encourage proactivity in organisations, companies and individuals.

We are aware of our ability to influence the wide range of groups with which we have relationships. That is why we decided to lead the development of sustainability in the challenging trade fair and temporary event sector which, due to its nature and the large numbers of people involved, could be harmful to the environment.

2022 Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report history

Sustainability Report 2019
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Environmental care and conservation

IFEMA MADRID trade fair and congress activities generate large-scale movements of goods and people, to whom we provide the services and venues needed for professional meetings and other social and cultural events.

Being aware of the impact of these activities on our surroundings, we promote sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, and reduction and management of the waste we produce. Also, we take advantage of the visibility of the events we organise and host to help raise public awareness of the need to improve our planet. We implement projects and initiatives with a positive impact on our environment, involving employees, visitors and exhibitors. We are committed to organising sustainable events and meetings.

One of the main actions developed in this area has been the publication of the Sustainable Participation Guides in Fairs and Events, which helps to sensitize organizers, exhibitors, visitors and event production staff, of the importance of reducing and correctly managing waste. These Guides have been downloaded more than 16,000 times on the web.

Resource consumption figures

Human resources management

IFEMA MADRID has a team of people who are highly committed to its objectives. Their work and dedication have been key to our growth throughout our 40-year history. They will be indispensable in meeting the challenges of the future.

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An engine for the economy and innovation

As the leading trade fair operator in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, IFEMA MADRID is a major economic driver of the Madrid region. The trade fairs and other events we organise and host promote business tourism and generate wealth at many levels. They drive activity and employment in related sectors and help spread Madrid’s brand image around the world. For this reason, we are developing a new sustainability model that generates economic and social value.

Social commitment

In addition to environmental and economic sustainability, IFEMA MADRID’s CSR Master Plan includes other activities that it has decided to undertake as part of its commitment to society, which has three main objectives: to catalyse and promote initiatives in collaboration with associations, exhibiting companies, visitors and other stakeholders; to harvest initiatives suggested by staff and implement those considered viable; and to facilitate and encourage the involvement of employees interested in participating directly in volunteering activities.

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