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Announces its new expansion plan coinciding with the beginning of the celebration of its 40th Anniversary

• The first phase will begin in October of this year, and will entail adding 50,000 square metres of exhibition and meeting space, with the construction of two new halls, a distribution and services building and a convention centre, as well as three parking areas

• The second phase will include one more hall, of about 22,000 square metres, as well as an extension of the Avenida Building, which contains rooms and areas for accreditation and services

• It leaves for sometime in the future the development of new infrastructure such as an extension to the convention centre or the creation of an area for associated uses, for instance the construction of a shopping centre and/or a hotel

11 Sep 2019

IFEMA has decided to make the beginning of the celebration of its 40th Anniversary coincide with the announcement of the immediate execution of its Expansion in Valdebebas. A project in which the institution will invest until 2023 a total of €180 million, an amount that the entity will finance with its own resources generated by its own activity. Taking part in the presentation ceremony, which was carried out using as support the large digital screen that IFEMA has incorporated into its South Gate on the office building, were, among others, the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso; the Mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez Almeida; the Vice President of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado; the Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís; the President of the Official Chamber of Industry of Madrid, Angel Asensio, and the President of the Montemadrid Foundation, Jesús Núñez, representing at the highest level the entities that comprise the consortium, as well as the President of the Executive Committee of IFEMA, Clemente González Soler, and its Managing Director, Eduardo López-Puertas.

The works on the IFEMA Valdebebas Expansion, which, in the words of the Chairman of the IFEMA Executive Committee, Clemente González Soler, “ensure compliance with the ambitious growth plan that the institution has set for itself, and in which annual revenue is forecast to exceed €200 million by 2022”, will be undertaken in several phases on a plot that has a total area of 500,662 m2 and a maximum buildable area of 250,000 m2, already linked to the current complex via a large connection tunnel under the M11 that is completely finished. The implementation of this expansion of the IFEMA infrastructure will also mean increasing the capacity to generate wealth for Madrid, estimating that it could have the impact of adding an additional €1.2 billion to the figure of €4.374 billion which it already contributes each year to the surrounding area.

Its first phase will begin in October of this year, and should end in June 2021. In total they will add 50,000 square metres of exhibition, meetings and services space, thanks to the construction of two new halls (named 21 and 22) of 10,800 m2 each; two connection hubs between them totalling 4,846 m2; the Edificio Avenida, a multi-purpose area for registration, services and rooms, which will occupy 9,425m2, and a Convention Centre of 13,281 m2, on the ground floor and basement. Uniquely, one of these new halls will be able to be compartmentalised using moveable partitions so that it can host up to 4 different events simultaneously. In addition, the enclosure will be equipped with three car parks that will add a capacity of 2,241 cars and 500 industrial and commercial vehicles. The investment budget for this phase stands at €125 million.

As for phase two of IFEMA Valdebebas, whose completion is set for September 2023, with a budget of €55 million, the most distinctive action will be the construction of the so-called Hall 23, equipped with a large dimension of 21,735 m2, as well as the extension by 4,050 m2 of the Edificio Avenida, and a parking area for logistics uses with capacity for 400 vehicles.

The Edificio Avenida and the Convention Centre will have an area of 2,370m2 for meetings, which may be configured in different formats with a minimum of 11 and a maximum of 19 rooms. There will also be 2,440 m2 of dining areas, including a distinctive 1,000 m2 restaurant with views of Hall 23. Other services relevant for their dimensions will be, for example, the creation of a large cloakroom, with capacity for more than 40,000 hangers and 6,000 suitcases.

The global data of IFEMA Valdebebas will be 48,181 m2 of constructed area in the halls and hubs; 13,475 m2 of the Edificio Avenida (which includes 2,440 m2 for catering); 13,281m2, corresponding to the ground floor and basement of the Convention Centre, and 4,733 m2 of storerooms. These data add up to a total buildable area of 79,670 m2. To this will be added 2,572 m2 of the thermal power plant111,483 m2 of parking areas, and 64,604 m2 of outdoor areas that can be used for different outdoor activities.

The implementation of these two phases at IFEMA Valdebebas does not, however, exhaust the capacity for development of new infrastructures, such as the extension of the convention centre or the promotion of an area destined for associated uses, among which the construction of a shopping centre and/or a hotel could be considered. This is contemplated in the Special Plan that must be approved by the City Council in the coming weeks.

The GIS-AYESA temporary joint venture is responsible for the drafting of architectural and engineering plans. Once these are finished, IFEMA will launch the tender for the works. Ayesa is a Spanish multinational, which is one of the world’s TOP 100 engineering firms, having been responsible, among many others, for projects such as the Amador Convention Centre in Panama and the City of Justice in Córdoba. For its part, GIS is a firm specialising in the development of urban planning and civil engineering projects.

IFEMA 40th Anniversary

During the presentation event, the logo was also announced that will accompany the 40th Anniversary of IFEMA, whose programme of celebrations throughout this year and the whole of 2020 will be published shortly, although it has already been announced that the objective is to highlight the value of the enormous contribution this institution makes to Madrid.

IFEMA began its activity in 1980, the year in which 15 fairs were held at its facilities at Feria de Madrid, which were visited by one million people and had the participation of 2,200 exhibitors, with a total occupancy of 93,000 square metres of net surface. Today more than 100 fairs and 600 conferences, conventions and professional events are held every year, with the participation of more than 33,000 companies and over 3.5 million visitors.

Throughout this time, 100 million visitors and 760,000 exhibiting companies have participated in the 2,100 fairs held at IFEMA, in addition to more than 10,000 congresses, conventions and corporate and leisure events, which gives an idea of the activity generated by this organisation and its positive impact on both the commercial development of the financial sectors, and on its geographical environment, for which it has been able to represent, at current value, induced revenues of more than €50 billion.


Caption (1): Authorities present at the presentation of the IFEMA Valdebebas expansion project and the beginning of the events in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Institution. From left to right, Eva Cereceda, Deputy Director-General of Finance and Media; Daniel Martínez, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid; Isaac Martín Barbero, Deputy Minister of Economy and Competitiveness of the Community of Madrid; Ángel Asensio, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Services and Industry of Madrid; Begoña Villacís, Deputy Mayor of Madrid; Manuel Giménez, Minister of Economy, Employment and Competitiveness of the Community of Madrid; Ignacio Aguado, Vice President of the Community of Madrid; Clemente González Soler, Chairman of the Executive Committee of IFEMA; Isabel Díaz Ayuso, President of the Community of Madrid; Jose Luis Martínez Almeida, Mayor of Madrid; Eduardo López-Puertas, Managing Director of IFEMA; María Eugenia Carballedo, Adviser to the President of the Community of Madrid; Enrique Ossorio; Minister of Education of the Community of Madrid; Jesús Núñez, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Obra Social and Monte de Piedad Foundation in Madrid; Gabriel García Alonso, Full Member of the Chamber and President of the AEHM (Hotel Business Association of Madrid); Almudena Maíllo del Valle, Head Councillor of the District of Moratalaz and Councillor in Charge of the Tourism Department; Cristóbal Sánchez Blesa, Director-General of the Fundación Obra Social y Monte de Piedad of Madrid; Eva Serrano, Chairwoman of ASEME (Spanish Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Madrid) Chamber of Commerce of Madrid; Elena Roldán, Secretary General of IFEMA, and Alfonso Calderón, Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Services and Industry of Madrid.

Caption (2): Clemente González Soler, Chairman of the Executive Committee of IFEMA; Isabel Díaz Ayuso, President of the Community of Madrid, and José Luís Martínez Almeida, Mayor of Madrid, during the presentation of the IFEMA Valdebebas expansion project.

Caption (3): The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, in her speech in the presentation of the IFEMA Valdebebas expansion project, accompanied by the Managing Director of IFEMA, Eduardo López-Puertas (left), and the Mayor of Madrid, José Luís Martínez Almeida, and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of IFEMA, Clemente González Soler (right).

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