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IFEMA takes another step forward by incorporating teleworking into its flexible working hours policy

IFEMA promotes this new work culture together with 74 other Spanish companies, with the signing of the Telework and Flexibility Charter

In 2019, the institution began a process of transformation and implementation of teleworking, which in 2020 will be applied to the staff that, due to the characteristics of their work, can join this initiative

20 Feb 2020

IFEMA has signed up to the Telecommuting and Flexibility Charter, which is promoted by the Masfamilia Foundation. This act reaffirms the Institution's commitment to the culture of flexible working hours and teleworking; respect for the environment, diversity and inclusion, and recognition and education on the benefits of a flexible culture.

In 2019, IFEMA began the process of transforming the work culture, implementing a pilot project on teleworking among its workforce, which 7% of its employees could join, in the first phase, for 20% of their weekly schedule. María Sánchez Sanz, Director of People, Quality and CSR with IFEMA, affirms that “this first phase has been a great success, not only because it has helped us to verify that the connectivity of IFEMA applications works perfectly, but also because the experience of the people involved is tremendously satisfactory”. “The objective for 2020 is that the rest of the employees who can do so, due to the nature of their work, join this initiative”, says Sánchez.

Several IFEMA teams are involved in this implementation process, to ensure that its operation is excellent in terms of working conditions and computer tools. A measure that not only improves the quality of employees' work and personal lives, but also supports the work life balance; it supports sustainability and respect for the environment, by reducing journeys in cities, and develops and promotes diversity and inclusion. IFEMA already has Family Responsible Entity (efr) certification, which it has held since 2007 and has revalidated four times.

A further 74 national companies have also signed up to the Masfamilia Foundation Telecommuting and Flexibility Charter, including Accenture, BBVA, Cepsa, Ilunion and Repsol. Only 13% of Spanish companies have implemented teleworking among their workforce.