03 March 2022

IFEMA MADRID partners with GR-EX Global Robot Expo

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This event will be organized jointly by both entities, through an alliance aimed to make GR-EX a world reference in robotics, artificial intelligence, and Industry 4.0.

On 30 November and 1 December, GR-EX 2022 will bring together the greatest international experts as participants in its World Congress.

Global Robot Expo and IFEMA MADRID have closed an agreement to co-organize the great robotics, artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0 fair. This is a consolidated event that, through this recent alliance, will add the organizational structure and expertise of IFEMA MADRID to its successful track record. This agreement leads Global Robot Expo to begin a new phase in which its main objective is to continue growing and consolidate itself as the international landmark event in its speciality and as the only one considered as a crucial tool for business development in the sector.

The 2022 edition will take place on 30 November and 1 December, with the purpose of continuing to configure a unique, high-level networking ecosystem with the participation of the most outstanding companies and professionals. In this sense, the event has closed collaboration agreements with the main associations and groups in the sector, such as AER Automation (Spanish Association of Robotics and Automation), Hisparob (Spanish Technological Platform for Robotics), the RoboCity2030 consortium and AEPIA (Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence), thanks to which Global Robot Expo will present a program of activities and conferences of great interest to professionals.

As a whole, the fair continues to be an obligatory meeting point in which to learn about the latest advances in innovation and disruptive technologies; a perfect showcase for sponsors, collaborators, speakers and exhibitors to generate high quality leads, interact with potential clients and place their brand in international reference positions, also taking advantage of all the commercial capacity linked to GR-EX.

Growth Outlook

The co-organization carried out by IFEMA MADRID and Global Robot Expo will multiply its impact on the sector which, according to the organization, expects to significantly increase the number of visitors, attending from more than 50 countries, as well as the number of participating companies. This makes the event a perfect meeting point related to innovation and reinforced by the holding of its GR-EX World Congress, which will bring together great speakers.

According to Eduardo López-Puertas, “the alliance that we have just forged will represent one more step for IFEMA MADRID in its objective of developing innovation with the incorporation of this leading technological event into its programme, which will provide excellent value not only for sectoral specialization but also for the evolution of Madrid, which is undergoing a long-distance race to become the technological hub of Spain”.

Thanks to this agreement, a new stage begins in which we want to make Madrid a reference in the robotics, artificial intelligence and technological innovation sector. Our objectives in the coming years are to make the event grow significantly, increasing the number of visitors from 10,000 in previous editions to 30,000, as well as increasing the economic impact on the city, from around 20 million euros to 90 million”, indicated Enric Forner, CEO of Global Robot Expo, who underlined the importance of the participation of companies from different fields “but who see digitization as an important tool for the development of their businesses”.

In this sense, Forner highlighted the multi-sectoral nature of Global Robot Expo, since “the spectrum of the event is much broader. Robotics and automation are combined with many other technologies and all of them have a place in GR-EX. We are talking about IoT, 5G, cyber-security, control systems and applications, artificial vision, virtual environments, not to mention artificial intelligence, which is itself an intangible robot and without which these technologies are not fully understood in the present or the future”.

But according to Forner, we are not just talking about industrial applications, despite this being sector which has the greatest presence at the event, but about solutions for corporations and society. “We think that robotics is cross-cutting with regard to any human activity and, although its use is more widespread in industry, it is already being introduced in other areas such as social life, surgery and medicine, aquatic robotics used in environmental media or AI applied to task management in companies. These are just a few examples”.

We want Global Robot Expo to reference all these technologies” indicates Forner, “not as future innovations, but rather as realities that are already being used and that we want to make known to all visitors.”

Global Robot Expo will continue to have 5 well-defined areas, such as GR-EX Industry, dedicated to innovations for industrial digitization, automation and logistics and intra-logistics, GR-EX Robotics, a space dedicated to all non-industrial robotics and autonomous systems, GR-EX Aerospace, an area devoted to new solutions and technologies for both air and land mobility, and as notable novelties, the GR-EX Intelligence International Congress, specifically on technologies linked to artificial intelligence and PASS (Project Alpha Startup Summit) an area dedicated to open innovation and the perfect showcase for the most innovative start-ups in the event’s sectors.