Image of a motorbike, a car and a lorry
Image of a motorbike, a car and a lorry

Motortec Madrid

The meeting for the automotive aftermarket

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View of a vehicle production line in a factory.

Motortec Madrid

Motortec Madrid will be held  in 2021 to restart this meeting point for the sector, which has been interrupted by COVID‑19, and once again to promote business exchange and knowledge sharing. 

Motortec Madrid will be a hybrid event. In addition to the face-to-face part, we’ll also have a new, advanced digital platform: Motortec Madrid LIVE Connect.

What is LIVE Connect?

Enjoy unlimited and exclusive professional content, benefit from networking with professionals in your sector throughout the year. A new model of relationship and permanent contact between customers and suppliers from all over the world that enhances and reinforces the value proposal of the face-to-face experience.

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