Futuristic car on sand.
Futuristic car on sand.

Madrid Car Experience

Madrid Motor Show

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Madrid Car Experience

Madrid Car Experience is here, the place to discover the latest technologies and trends in the fast-changing automotive industry.

The place to experience first-hand sustainable, connected and safe mobility, with all five senses.

The place where you will be the one to drive on this fascinating journey through the different mobility alternatives of today and tomorrow.

Today we are living through major changes in mobility, the like of which has never been seen before, with significant disruptive changes, new concerns, new technologies and new operators responding to this re-evolution.

Come, meet, experiment and buy!

MCE is an Experience

At Madrid Car Experience, you can test drive the models in different first-hand experiences: feel the smoothness and silence of driving an electric vehicle, find out about the different safety systems and driving aids, enjoy the connectivity, and experience the major changes in cars for all tastes and needs.

Travel through the world of the automotive industry, find out about the new charging systems for electric and hybrid vehicles, the new operators, and innovations in personal transport.

MCE is diversity

¿ What will your next car be like?

In Madrid Car Experience you will find all the options in a single space.

Hybrid, plug-in hybridelectric cars with range extender, hydrogen fuel cells, combustion engines that run on gas, and new innovations for petrol and diesel engines, and more. Now you can understand and choose between the different propulsion technologies offered by today’s automotive industry.

Come and see what the participating brands are presenting in new car models and all of the services, technologies and accessories for them.

Take advantage of special offers from brands at MCE!

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