What is MotorMeetings?

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WHAT IS MotorMeetings

MOTORTEC Madrid’s date change to even-number years would leave a period with no strong, global meeting for the sector at a time when it’s undergoing a major transformation and technological change process. So MotorMeetings is a response to this situation and demand from the industry. 

Organised by MOTORTEC Madrid, MotorMeetings will be held from 23rd  to 25th April 2021 to restart this meeting point for the sector, which has been interrupted by COVID 19, and once again to promote business exchange and knowledge sharing. 

This will be a new event with a full programme of activities aimed at information and training for workshops. 


MotorMeetings will focus on restarting activity and contacts in the Aftermarket sector. 

A major event with participation by the Aftermarket’s international leaders. Aimed at workshops and with an exhibition area, but in a much more flexible way. There will be at least 16 areas for Activities and Workshops to provide training and information for all participants. 

 More activities than at any MOTORTEC Madrid!

MotorMeetings LIVE Connect video

WHAT IS MotorMeetings LIVE Connect

MotorMeetings LIVEConnect is a new working tool that will allow you to: 

  1. Develop and grow your network of professional contacts in the aftermarket sector. 
  2. Contact, video calls, live chat, eB2B, and other interactions with thousands of new potential customers. 
  3. To present and learn about the entire range of products, solutions, services and news for 2021. 
  4. Attend a wide range of sessions, training workshops, demonstrations, conferences, congresses, debates by specific market themes and product categories. 
  5. Thousands of impacts and brand awareness with the entire participating community. 
  6. Organise sessions, upload videos, demonstrations, product and service datasheets. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the largest professional social network for the Aftermarket!