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Tomás Fuertes, president of ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN

28 May 2019

The presiding company is celebrating 65 years of history this year, with more than 1.1 billion euros in turnover and 5,000 workers. What are the most outstanding milestones in this long business trajectory?

Without a doubt, I would say the fact that our brand has been present in eight out of every ten Spanish homes for several years in a row, which is some achievement, and that it is the brand most recognised by our country's families. The fact that with the wide range that exists today, so many people choose our products, fills us with pride and satisfaction given that consumers are now very demanding and are very clear about what they want and need with regard to their own and their families' nutrition.


What are the values that make your company stand out? What things, in your opinion, make you different from your competitors?

Our production model. Since our company was set up in 1954, we have implemented a Comprehensive Process Control (CPI), a production model that guarantees total traceability of the foodstuffs, from the beginning to the end of each process. The CPI allows us to offer consumers healthier, more nutritious and safer food.


What has changed over the years since the company was founded? How would you characterise the sector at the moment?

When we first started, the food market in our country worked from machine to market. This changed years ago, and it is now the market that tells manufacturers what they want to consume. This new situation forces us to be highly attentive to the needs and tastes of the consumer not only to meet their needs, but also to anticipate future changes. The key is to never settle for what you did yesterday and to try to do things a little better each day. Our company' philosophy is focused on continuous improvement. Complacency is not a good travelling companion, we must spur the mind continuously to strengthen what is good and eliminate errors as far as possible.

What innovations in food does your brand have, what products would stand out in your food portfolio?

At ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN we produce more than 1,500 articles with the aim of covering all dietary needs for products made with meat-based products. We devote a large part of our resources to developing balanced and nutritious foods. Among our most significant new releases, I would highlight the new Asados range from ELPOZO, the Artesanos range that enhances charcuterie with high added value, and our King sausages, of superior category, which follow current consumer trends and respond to the demands of exacting consumers with the quality of the product, its composition and origin.

In this regard, we are wagering on research with the aim of offering consumers food solutions that not only provide nutrition but also improve their health. We are currently leading research into new meat products with natural antioxidants whose consumption has long-term health benefits. We are also carrying out a study to demonstrate the cardiovascular benefits of consuming our cured ham: controlling blood pressure and carbohydrate and cholesterol metabolism.

With regard to exports, which countries can we find your products in?

Our brand is present in 82 countries outside Spain and exports are becoming more significant in our company's sales year after year. Our objectives are to continue increasing our export quota, consolidate our position in Europe and make progress in emerging countries.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN will be present at the third edition of the Meat Attraction fair, which will be held from September 17 to 19 at IFEMA

We have opted for an event focused on the meat sector  aimed at creating a meeting point for representatives from Spanish distribution, who we hope will visit the fair to find out about the innovations that meat companies are offering to both Spanish and international consumers.