What is Meat Attraction?

What is Meat Attraction?

Exhibit area of ​​meat attraction

Meat Attraction is BUSINESS

MEAT ATTRACTION is a fundamental sectoral instrument for the development, promotion and growth of the meat industry, and its roadmap includes making Spain the main hub for the international marketing of meat products.

Three days of intense B2B commercial relations with the meat sector, which will bring together visitor profiles for each exhibition area: product area - domestic and international retail purchasing managers, food industry purchasing managers, the Horeca channel, retailers and meat product importers - as well as the auxiliary industry area - industry managers in the areas of production and quality, engineering, plant and maintenance, research and laboratory, retailers and horeca.

Meat Attraction, through the International Guest Program, will attract to Madrid regular customers or new potential customers for all direct exhibiting companies. In addition, B2B - B2MEAT sessions will be held by product category and buyer profile.

In addition, actions will be carried out according to demand channels (distribution, traders, importers and retail, collectivities, the specialist retail channel, and the catering sector).

Meat Attraction will bring together the entire meat community 365 days a year through the Meat Attraction LIVE Connect platform; a digital platform that enhances and complements the in-person event with new functionalities.

exhibition of machines at meat attraction.

Meat Attraction is INNOVATION

Innovation will be one of the fundamental axes at Meat Attraction to highlight all the innovation and sectoral novelties as one of the pillars of a modern industry adapted to new consumer profiles.

INNOVATION HUB, is the space that will bring together all the innovations and products of the exhibitors to promote them and give them maximum visibility.

Innovation Hub Awards: all companies participating in the Innovation Hub will be able to present their products for the Innovation Hub Awards, which will recognize and highlight the R&D&I efforts of the meat sector as a whole, and of each company in particular. The jury will take into consideration the criteria of innovation, sustainability and applied technology. 

INNOVA FORUM: conferences on innovation in each link of the chain.

different meat samples.

Meat Attraction is DIVERSITY

Meat Attraction will be hosting the variety of meat products from both the Product Area and the Auxiliary Industry and Value Chain Area; because Meat Attraction is the commercial meeting point for all industry professionals with the entire distribution channel.

It is worth highlighting The Butcher’s Shop area, dedicated to offering solutions and innovations for butchers and charcutiers and the Ibérico Land space, focused on the Iberian meat products industry.

talk of ​​meat attraction

Meat Attraction is KNOWLEDGE

A complete program of conferences has made Meat Attraction the knowledge centre for the sector, with activities and events characterised by the wide variety of content, as well as the high calibre of participants and speakers.

  • Symposiums on automation and digitalisation in the industry.
  • Technical talks on food quality and safety.
  • Training and updating in the retail, point of sale and H&C sectors.

Conference at LIVE Connect: Technical conferences, debates, sessions and monographic congresses on a great diversity of topics: product categories, international market opportunities, topics of máximum sectoral interest, etc.



  • Meats
    • Fresh
    • Frozen
    • Other
  • Meat by-products
    • Cured hams and shoulders, sausages and cured meats.
    • Cooked hams and shoulders. Cold cuts and pates
    • Oiled, marinated, smoked and pickled meat products.
    • Prepared and preserved meats
    • Precooked products and snacks
    • Meat and meat products with quality marks (PDO, PGI, TSG, MG)
    • Halal and Kosher Area
    • Associations, professional promotion entities and media.
  • Meats and derivatives with quality marks (PDO, IGP, ETG, MG)
  • Halal and Kosher Area
  • Associations, professional promotion entities and media


  • Quality, hygiene, cleanliness and safety
  • Industrial facilities, machinery, equipment and services
  • Cutting and processing machinery and tools
  • Wrapping, weighing, packaging and labeling
  • Logistics, storage, and transportation
  • Ingredients, seasonings, and raw materials for processing
  • MeaTIC: technologies, automation, and digitalization
  • Packaging
  • Commercial and point-of-sale equipment
  • Hospitality equipment
  • The Butcher’s Shop
  • Financial institutions and services

Visitor profile


  • Retail purchase manager (domestic)
    • Consolidate contacts and commercial relationships
    • Search for new suppliers and products
    • To learn about new and innovative products
    • Specific sourcing agreements with suppliers.
  • Retail purchase manager (international)
    • Search for Spanish suppliers and products for import
    • To know about brand promotion activities
    • Detect novelties and trends
  • Food industry purchasing manager
    • Precooked, prepared, elaborated, culinary solutions, infant..
    • Search for raw material suppliers
    • Establish commercial contacts of interest
    • To know consumption and innovation trends
  • HORECA channel
    • Search for suppliers, products and providers for your channel.
    • Learn about food-service opportunities and solutions
    • Culinary trends and gastronomic opportunities
  • Retailers and point-of-sale
    • Know suppliers and products
    • Learn about new products and trends for your customers
    • Interest in equipment and point of sale
  • Importers and international meat traders
    • To know suppliers and products for their countries
    • Search for raw material suppliers for processors in destination countries
    • Establish import and supply agreements


  • Industry, production and quality in the meat industry
    • Consolidate contacts and commercial relations
    • Search for raw material suppliers and products, seasonings and ingredients for processing.
    • To learn about new and innovative products
    • Specific sourcing agreements with suppliers, financing and services.
    • Industry trends and developments
  • Plant, maintenance and engineering
    • Find equipment solutions and production process improvements
    • Finding new innovations in quality, hygiene, cleanliness and safety
    • Cutting and processing, packaging, weighing, packing and labeling machinery and instrument solutions
    • Find logistics, warehousing and transportation suppliers
  • Research and laboratory
    • Find updates and developments in research and control issues
    • Learn about consumer trends and innovation
  • HORECA channel
    • Find suppliers, products and providers for your channel
    • Learn about food-service opportunities and solutions
    • New HORECA equipment and instrumentation solutions
  • Retailers
    • Updating and acquisition of commercial and point of sale equipment
    • To learn about new products and trends for their customers
    • Interest in the equipment and point of sale area
  • Importers and traders
    • To know suppliers and products of the auxiliary industry area to import and distribute in their countries.
    • Establish import and sourcing agreements.

Why visit Meat Attraction?

  • 3 days of intense B2B business relationships with the meat sector.
  • Find out all the information on the specialist commercial offering available in the Spanish and international market, all under one roof
  • Start, continue or close purchase processes and orders with the entire distribution channel.
  • Build up a work network: Professional Meeting Point and Meeting Agenda service with all the exhibitors of the fair.
  • Visit and build up business relationships with current suppliers.
  • Analyse and directly verify the characteristics of the products and services offered by potential new suppliers.
  • Directly compare the characteristics of all specialist offerings.
  • Check out the sector and consumer trends.
  • Search and learn about new features, technologies and services.
  • Opportunity to attend congresses, seminars and parallel events, which are unquestionably a source of information about industry trends and developments.
  • Enjoy the City of Madrid and its Region