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01 March 2023

AVANZASIS, technological partner of the Hamcloud project

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Avanzasis will present the Hamcloud project at Meat Attraction, in which it participates as a technological partner.

This Operational Group, led by Incarlopsa, a leading Castilian-Manchegan company in the production and processing of pork products, is also made up of Icpor, a white pig integrator, the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) as a knowledge-generating agent, the Asaja Cuenca Association, as a disseminating agent, and the support of Imasde, as an innovative agent. The group has obtained approval for the implementation of the project "Implementation of a cloud computing platform for the control of animal welfare and environmental impact of white pigs", which will help to promote precision livestock farming or livestock farming 4.0.

The project is part of the Integrated Territorial Investment Initiative (ITI), promoted by the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha, within the strategy for the development of areas with depopulation and socio-economic decline in the region.

This pilot project will implement advanced sensor technology of the environmental conditions of the installation in both mother and fattening farms and in the slaughterhouse, with the aim of covering the complete production cycle and being able to extract quantifiable parameters that allow to know how each animal has been raised in aspects related to their welfare and their environmental footprint throughout their lives.

With an investment of 228,194.73 euros, the project will be developed over the next two years and will be carried out with the participation of livestock farmers who will make their farms and animals available.

The sensors that will be installed on the farms will measure, in real time, the concentration of ammonia and CO2, there will also be volumetric sensors to calculate the production of slurry per production unit and the use of chip ear tags for identification with Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology in each animal and the individual association of the parameters of animal welfare and environmental impact.

The data that will be collected and analysed will contribute to the design of more efficient management strategies for the pig sector. Furthermore, once the project is completed, its conclusions will be passed on to both farmers and consumers, in line with the commitment to transparency advocated by the members of the Hamcloud Task Force.

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