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Meat Attraction grew 30% in its 2nd edition in the call for trade professionals with the attendance of 10,069 professionals from 43 countries; mainly from Italy (15%), Portugal (14%), France (13.8%), Colombia (6.9%), Japan (4.1%) and the Netherlands (4%), highlighting the strategic international dimension.

Organised by IFEMA and the National Association of Meat Industries of Spain (ANICE), on 18–20 September it brought together a total of 163 exhibiting companies, representing almost 400 brands from 16 countries around the world

Meat Attraction had invited Mexico as the guest country.

The highlight of the Meat Attraction FORUM was the presentation of the ANICE-Cajamar Barometer of the Spanish meat industry.

The SHOWCOOKING area (live cooking demonstrations) was used for demonstrations by exhibitors and awards ceremonies. The prize was awarded in the 1st Meat Tapas Competition; the international grand final was held to choose the best white-layer ham cutter in the world; Meat Attraction also saw the final of the 2nd Professional Mini Ham Cutter Competition and variety of demonstrations, such as those involving the cutting and cooking of meat.

In its 2nd edition, Meat Attraction became the meeting point for all professionals in the meat industry.

20,000 Professionals visitors
400 Companies
50 Countries
18 Sectors

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