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Meat Attraction 2022 has closed its 4th edition with the participation of more than 9,000 professionals, which represents a consistency of figures compared to the previous year and a great achievement in the face of the situation of uncertainty that has been experienced in recent months.

Of the total number of visitors, 11% came from the international segment, maintaining last year's figure, with professionals from 48 countries. Specifically, the most numerous were from Europe, especially from Portugal, Italy, France and the United Kingdom, as well as buyers from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Japan, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, South Korea, among others. 70% of the international visitors were from the EU, 9% from Asia and the Pacific13% from Latin America and 3.1% from the Middle East.

The Fair has therefore been confirmed as a fundamental instrument for the internationalisation of the sector, a meeting point for the professionals who make up the entire chain and a framework for innovation in the meat market. Along these lines, it is worth highlighting Meat Attraction's commitment to attracting major importers of meat products, for which it has made a significant investment in its guest programme, with the presence of 100 international buyers from 20 countries.

Meat 2022 in figures

Meat Attraction, with the collaboration of ICEX trade offices around the world, hosted a total of 559 appointments at the B2Meat meetings. A total of 42 buying companies from 15 countries took part in these meetings, whose meetings with 50 exporters were monographic B2B meetings by product category. In this way, the fair offered participants a platform for international promotion and expansion.

With regards to the profiles and segments of the professional activity of all the visitors to Meat Attraction, quality and specialisation stood out. Production, industry and processed products accounted for 33% of the total; 21.8% corresponded to wholesalers, traders, import/export; 8% to retailers and points of sale; 7% to HORECA professionals and another 7% to retail and the distribution chain; 3% to transport and logistics, and 18% to services and other professionals.

News, technical seminars and activities 2022

As a novelty, Meat Attraction 2022, with the collaboration of Educarne, has incorporated The Butcher's Shop, the exhibition area of solutions and novelties at the service of the specialisation of butchers and charcutiers.

As part of the programme, this area featured Renzo Garibaldi, considered by many to be the best butcher in Latin America and one of the best in the world, who performed live with Spanish chef Íñigo Urrechu,  . Several competitions were also carried out in order to compete for the title of Best Young Butcher in Spain , the Best Artisan Burger Competition  and the best digitalisation project best e-commerce category.

Innovation was another of the main themes at Meat Attraction with the aim of highlighting it as one of the pillars of a modern industry adapted to the new consumer profiles and requirements of the market and society. In this sense, the Innovation Hub area brought together the new products and the best products and services of the exhibitors participating in the Fair

ANICE, after its Annual Assembly held at the fair, also presented its awards.

In parallel to the trade show, Meat Attraction also hosted an extensive programme of technical conferences and activities, offering professionals a space for debate and knowledge exchange.

Likewise, Factoría Chef was the space for various demonstrations and showcookings with different products. 

Coinciding with Meat Attraction was Meat Week, organised in collaboration with the Meat and Health Platform between 7 and 13 March. Under the slogan #LaEnergiaDeCadaDia, it hosted different activities aimed at highlighting the nutritional properties of meat products.

Innovation Hub

Once again, Meat Attraction 2022 recognised innovation and entrepreneurship with the Innovation Hub Awards.

From a total of 18 nominations, 10 meat products and services were selected as finalists by a professional jury, under the criteria of applicability, innovation, environmental sustainability and value proposition of social situation.

The winning products were chosen during a final ceremony of the Innovation Hub 2022 Awards, obtaining recognition for the best project in the two proposed categories, Product Area and Auxiliary Industry Area.

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