Meat Attraction 2022

You can now get your professional accreditation and register for LIVE Connect

Visitors looking at the stand of a meat exhibitor

Meat Attraction 2022

Far more than a face-to-face sector reunion

Visitors exchanging business during the fair

Meat Attraction LIVE Connect

The largest professional community and social network specialized in the meat industry

Graphics of a heart and the different sectors of the fair

Meat Attraction

The main sectoral instrument at the service of the meat industry to promote its positioning, development, growth and visibility.

International Fair of the Meat Sector

MEAT ATTRACTION, organised by IFEMA and ANICE; this has become a leading fair and a must for all operators in the meat sector; a backbone of activity and business opportunities and internationalisation for exhibitors, visitors and buyers.

In addition to the face-to-face event, Meat Attraction LIVEConnect will be the new international networking digital platform – a stepping stone to the in-person event in March 2022.

Marketing, innovation, quality and knowledge are the premises of  Meat Attraction. With the goal of boosting the sector’s international commercial activity and promoting its visibility, together with knowledge, training and interaction between professionals from throughout the Meat Industry.

Meat Attraction LIVE Connect, the new digital platform to boost business opportunities for the sector

Meat Attraction will launch LIVE Connect, an innovative platform with an artificial intelligence system. It will be the largest professional community and social network in the world for the meat industry across its value chain.

From October 2021, LIVEConnect will be a stepping stone to the in-person event in March 2022, fulfilling the goal of boosting the sector’s international commercial activity and promoting its visibility, together with knowledge, training and interaction between professionals from throughout the industry.

Every week from October, will feature content and seminars based on product categories, strategic international markets with B2B between buyers and the exhibition, all areas of the value chain and the different Meat Attraction sections (Ibericoland, Ecorganic market, the Butcher's Shop, Innovation Hub etc.), which will help to promote networking and interaction among the various sector professionals on this ground-breaking technological platform.

Meat week (from 4 to 13 March)

National sectoral end-consumer campaign to inform consumers about the properties, values and nutritional qualities of meat products, by population group. During this week, activities will be held aimed at professionals in the sector and the general public to highlight the benefits of meat in a healthy and varied diet.

Themed conferences

The Butcher's Shop exhibition area and for the specialized retail channel

Chef Factory Meat Attraction culinary space

Meat sector promotions

Publicity and general media campaign

Meat Attraction culinary space

Factoría Chef

Zone within Meat Attraction dedicated to the promotion, innovation and gastronomic interpretation of meat products created to promote culinary opportunities and gastronomic innovation, quality, variety and the versatility of its products.

Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub is the area which draws together all meat product innovations at Meat Attraction and is centrally situated at the heart of the exhibition hall. Why not drop in and learn about the sector’s latest innovations?

Meat Attaction TV 2019

Discover everything that happened en Meat Attraction 2019.

This was Meat Attraction 2019!

Merat Attraction Hall
This was Meat Attraction 2019!

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