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08 February 2022

TIERRA DE SABOR attends Meat Attraction for the first time.

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Castilla y León is a true reflection of the importance of the agricultural sector in Spain and thanks to this it has become Europe's pantry of quality agri-food products from Castilla y León.

The Tierra de Sabor brand was presented in March 2009, with the ambitious objective of highlighting the enormous potential of the agri-food sector of Castilla y León. Currently, the brand is used by more than 900 companies in the region, which bring together more than 6,000 products under the yellow heart of Tierra de Sabor. It is worth mentioning the important communication effort made within the framework of the promotion and marketing plans during these years, which include advertising campaigns, collaborations or promotional actions focused on target audiences. All of this has made Tierra de Sabor the best-known agri-food quality seal  agroalimentaria among the Spanish consumers, with the affection and commitment of its member producers.The interest in healthy products, of better quality and rooted in the territory poses a series of challenges and objectives that allow the development of the agri-food industry and, in parallel, meet the needs of increasingly demanding consumers. These challenges are addressed by the Tierra de Sabor Quality Brand.

A leading region in Meat Attraction

Castilla y León is currently one of the most important regions in Spain in the production of foodstuffs with a clear focus on quality. The presence at Meat Attraction is part of the promotion and marketing activities aimed at improving the positioning of the quality agri-food sector of Castilla y Leon, using as a support one of the professional fairs of reference both nationally and internationally.

Tierra de Sabor attends the fair with specific participation objectives:

- To consolidate, in the national and international market, the image and positioning of Castilla y León as a quality food producing region, with a wide presence in the meat sector.

- To facilitate the commercial contact of companies and figures of agrifood quality of the Community with the numerous professionals of the sector who attend this fair: organized food distribution, catering, specialized trade and gourmet stores.

- To convey a professional and innovative concept of the Community's agri-food sector.

- To transmit the dynamism of the sector.

- To improve and rationalize the marketing channels for agri-food products and especially the Tierra de Sabor Market.

The Tierra de Sabor Market is an online platform that puts producers and consumers in direct contact. Both catering professionals, as well as gourmet stores and consumers can purchase at the click of a button all products with the seal of Quality Guarantee of the yellow heart and without shipping costs for all of Spain (except the Canary and Balearic Islands).

This platform contributes to fix population in rural areas, making accessible to small companies adhering to the brand new marketing channels for their products without intermediaries and at a low cost for them. It also encourages the purchase and production of local products and helps small producers to compete with large companies and distributors that impose their low prices in an increasingly competitive market.

If you enter the Market Tierra de Sabor, you can buy several products from different producers in a single cart with a single payment. Then, each producer sends the purchased products directly to your home. Each producer is the one who indicates the delivery time that can meet, so in the Market you can see that each product has a specific delivery time that usually ranges between 1 and 3 working days. In the case of perishable products, the delivery will be in 24 hours. Buying in the Market Tierra de Sabor is a guarantee of security both in the quality of the products and in the payment since it has the SSL seal, granted by one of the main Independent Certification Authorities, which allows encrypting all communications between your computer and the online store so that they can not be intercepted by third parties.

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