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The meat sector produced more than a million tons to supply the nation during the lockdown

The livestock production, meat processing and marketing and meat product sectors continued to work throughout the confinement to keep the population and foreign markets adequately supplied with safe, high-quality food. Over the weeks, it supplied more than a million tons of meat and meat products.

03 Jul 2020

Despite the closure of the restaurant and hospitality industry, the livestock sector stepped up production of white coated and Iberian pigs, sheep and goats, cattle, rabbits and birds, meeting the highest sustainability, animal welfare and quality standards set by European and national regulations.
For its part, the meat industry has continued to transform livestock productions, generating a total of about 130,000 tons of meat per week and about 20,000 tons of meat products to supply butchers and food suppliers in towns and cities.
Livestock and meat companies have had to meet significantly higher demand than usual by distribution, despite the serious problems experienced by the hospitality industry and export difficulties. This sector has continued to work according to the highest quality and food safety standards, set by the European Production Model, the strictest and most closely regulated in the world in terms of official controls, external audits and self-control of production.
Once again, the Spanish livestock/meat sector has ratified its commitment to society by offering high quality, safe products that fulfil the highest animal welfare and environmental standards, and working every day to meet unavoidable challenges to guarantee a sustainable future for our planet. Some 10 billion people make their living from livestock and meat production, more than 2 million of them in Spain.