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Spanish meats are at the forefront of world food safety

17 Jun 2019

The Spanish meat sector applies the European Production Model whose standards of quality and food safety are the most demanding in the world. They fully guarantee that Spanish meat products which reach any table in the world are safe and of the utmost quality The Meat and Health platform has said on the holding of the first World Food Safety Day declared by the UN.

Since 2005, a rigorous traceability system has been implemented in our country by European Union legislation, which allows us to follow the whole process of a meat product from the field to the table, and to permanently control the different steps of its production process, which are recorded and controlled.

Likewise, since 2006, the Spanish sector has comprehensively applied the so-called "hygiene package", a set of community regulations in which the hygiene and health requirements of the food industries are thoroughly regulated, as are the specific requirements for industries that work with products of animal origin.

All this responds to the clear objective of achieving a high level of consumer protection, ensuring food safety.

For this reason, the Spanish meat sector welcomes the holding of this first World Food Safety Day declared by the UN, which will serve to raise awareness among all stakeholders in the food value chain of the importance of complying with safety and hygiene standards, and raise the levels of food safety throughout the world.

The Spanish meat sector has for years been working and investing significant resources in order to become a world leader in the application of robust production control systems, to encourage inter-sectoral collaboration and to promote food safety from the field to the final consumer. The latter, by applying scientific advances and knowledge in microbiological safety, hygiene and traceability and control in the production and processing of meat and derivatives, to ensure that consumers can enjoy these products with maximum quality and safety guarantees.

José Manuel Alvarez

Source: Carne y salud