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08 February 2022

Solutions for the food industry presented by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

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Nord Drivesystems will present during its exhibition at Meat Attraction dedicated solutions for the food industry.

Nord Drivesystems' NSDtupH sealed surface conversion system is the perfect solution for high performance applications and extreme conditions. It is an alternative to multilayer paint and stainless steel in highly corrosive environments.

Standards for the food industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry require intensive and stringent washing and disinfection processes.

These processes place increasingly high demands on hygienic design and corrosion resistance. To avoid material destruction caused by detergents and disinfectants, the design and coating of machines for these applications must be uniform and ensure the best possible cleaning capacity in manual or automated cleaning cycles.

Product reliability and hygienic design of the drive technology play a prominent role in the meat processing industry.

NSDtupH technology meets the requirements for wear resistance and cleanability.

  • FDA Title 21 DCFR 175.300 compliant.
  • easy-to-clean surfaces
  • insensitive to acids and alkalis (wide pH range)
  • no corrosion infiltration, even in case of surface damage
  • corrosion-resistant - prevents contact corrosion
  • chrome-free

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