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17 January 2022

SELECTOS DE CASTILLA, a family business that combines innovation and tradition and commitment to the environment, comes to Meat Attraction

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SELECTOS DE CASTILLA is a young but30 years experienced company, and its directors, the entrepreneurs, are today between 50 and 57 years old. A company that combines innovation and tradition. And above all a company that is firmly committed to its environment, taking care of sustainability and adapting to the challenges of climate change, but providing the best of nature, with genuine and original flavors.

Thus we can define SELECTOS DE CASTILLA, which was created in 1989 in Villamartín de Campos, for the breeding of traditional Ducks for Foie gras.

With their own farm, in the open air, a slaughterhouse, and a processing plant, they offer the entire range of the duck they raise and the other meat productions typical of their environment, without additives or preservatives, all 100% natural.

De Prado brothers, Spanish-French, settled in this vilage not only because their family descends from there, but also because of the location in their surroundings of Laguna de la Nava, an excellent natural breeding area for webfooted birds.

At a crucial moment for this type of farm, the Villamartin livestock cooperative, COGAVI, raises its ducks in a traditional way in extensive farming and exclusive bait with corn in grain, and is fully prepared for the challenge of sustainability, with solar electricity generation, reforestation of plots and controlled carbon and water footprint, and reducing it.

The totally natural elaboration without additives or preservatives, with the utmost respect for the product, continues to advance in a market that in full evolution seeks its promising future in its origins.

Today the "Duck of Villamartin" is synonymous with quality and adorns the menus of the best national and international gastronomy.

The care and dedication of this company leaves its stamp on other products from Palencia or Castilla y León such as the Churro milky lamb or the Segovia suckling pig both in confit and pates, the Palencia Mountain Trout, quails and even ostriches.

The know-how of these entrepreneurs and the good arts of their team of 32 people have made Selectos de Castilla one of the best ambassadors of Castilian Gastronomy.

Meat Attraction is a showcase for our national and international clients, when they are looking for a reliable product, with a safe origin and a proven flavor.

Tel.: +34 979 769 242

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