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01 March 2022

SAINT-GOBAIN WEBER, expert in industrial flooring solutions at Meat Attraction

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At Weber we are strongly committed to flooring solutions, we offer the widest range of solutions for floor treatment, and we are positioned as a manufacturer of systems and complete solutions for flooring, in solutions for leveling or finishing and in cementitious or resin-based.

Our solutions for the food industry include the weberfloor Paicrete range, which specializes in continuous and antimicrobial polyurethane-cement flooring that provides a high-performance and durable surface with high mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance (up to 120ºC) for the most demanding conditions.  Depending on requirements, floorings of different thicknesses (2mm to 9mm) can be obtained with smooth or anti-slip finishes adapted to dry and wet working conditions, also allowing quick commissioning and easy cleaning.

The areas of use of the range focus on production, processing and curing in the food industry, cold rooms, freezers and thawing areas, industrial kitchens and loading docks.

The key properties that define the range are:

- Hygienic

It is an antimicrobial, continuous, waterproof and seamless floor covering that is easy to clean, even with steam and aggressive chemical disinfectants. No risk of contamination (no solvents or odors).

- Chemical resistance

Resistance to chemical attack by a large number of bases, solvents and acids that may be spilled in production processes.

- Thermal resistance

Resistance to continuous temperatures from -40°C up to + 105°C and to punctual temperatures up to 120°C due to spillage of hot liquids and cleaning with steam or hot water, depending on the thickness chosen.

- Mechanical resistance

Resistance to wear and tear due to heavy, frequent or abrasive traffic, as well as to heavy loads and impacts.

- Resistance to permanent humidity

Resistance to environments with permanent water derived from the activity or frequent cleaning processes.

- Smooth and non-slip finishes

Possibility of different smooth or non-slip finishes adapted to dry and wet conditions.

- Rapid commissioning

It can be opened to medium traffic after 24 h and to heavy traffic after 48 h.

These properties give the range advantages that make it the most suitable for companies in the meat sector:

- Maximum performance and durability

- Heat resistance up to 120°C

- Very high chemical, mechanical and humidity resistance.

- Suitable for heavy traffic with heavy loads

- Smooth or non-slip finish

To ensure a guaranteed application, we count on Caliclub, a group of application companies specialized in the execution of flooring certified by Weber, which guarantees a perfect application of the product. 

Saint-Gobain Weber, world leader in the manufacture of industrial mortars for building, is part of the Saint-Gobain Group. Saint-Gobain Weber offers a wide range of innovative solutions that meet the highest technical requirements in the field of building. It has a national presence of ten manufacturing centers and two distribution centers to respond to market demands.

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