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Raúl Muñiz, elected new chairman of INTEROVIC

12 Jun 2019

After the General Assembly of INTEROVIC held in Madrid, the candidate for Cooperativas Agroalimentarias, Raúl Muñiz, was elected as chairman of the inter-professional sheep and goat organisation after receiving majority support from the different associations that make it up.

The new chairman showed his gratitude to all the Assembly members for showing their trust in and commitment to him. Among his next challenges is, Muñiz said "to make the productive sector more of a participatory part within the activities carried out by the inter-professional organisation, to continue to work and strengthen promotional campaigns both nationally, to increase how often the products are consumed, as well as internationally, for searching out new consumers".

In addition, it is important to highlight the gender equality of this new board of directors, reflecting the important role of women in the sector in the new Permanent Commission, which is composed as follows:

  • Chairman: Raúl Muñiz
  • Vice-Chairwoman: Esperanza Díaz
  • Secretary of the Board: María Sánchez
  • Treasurer: Francisco Santolaria

A new board of which the youth of its members must also be highlighted. A new team that faces this challenge with enthusiasm and with the aim of continuing to work for the sector as a whole by opening new markets and placing sheep and goat meat within agri-food consumption trends. Its work was recently recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food after granting them the Food of Spain award for the best Communication Campaign.

For his part, Francisco Marcén, before leaving his position as chairman, congratulated everyone on the achievements of these years and stressed the importance of continuing to work on the National Origin of products and the sustainability of the sector, key elements and differentiators between the other meat groups.


The Inter-professional Agri-Food Organisation of Sheep and Goat Meat (INTEROVIC) is a non-profit making entity recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA), which groups together all sub-sectors of this livestock activity. Its main function is to promote the consumption of suckling lamb, lamb and kid meat and communicate its magnificent organoleptic and healthy qualities.

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