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01 March 2022

PUJANTE consolidates its certified chicken and launches the new range of "Orígenes Pujante" products at Meat Attraction

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The Murcian brand will be present for the first time at Meat Attraction and will do so hand in hand with Avianza, the Spanish Interprofessional Association of Poultry Meat.

Pujante, one of the leading brands, and with the longest history, of poultry meat in Spain, is strengthening its product catalog to adapt to the expectations of an increasingly demanding consumer.

It forges its differentiation by standing out for the exhaustive control of the entire production system, from the careful formulation of the feed, the reproductive system and the fattening farms, closing the cycle with the processing of the meat. This company incorporates state-of-the-art technologies at all stages that guarantee animal welfare and care for the environment and, therefore, a high level of quality in the final product, which is recognized by its customers.

Pujante certified chicken is undoubtedly one of its star products. Its main attributes are an old-fashioned taste and a very characteristic color, valued by the most demanding palates. For this reason, its position is being consolidated day by day in the most specialized points of sale, both traditional and distribution chains, as a premium product increasingly in demand by consumers.

To bring this product closer to the professional profile, the master chef and researcher Juan Regis will visit "Factoría Chef" to present the peculiarities and benefits of this chicken, its behavior in the kitchen and its presentation on the plate of the most exquisite customers. His presentation will take place on Thursday, March 10 at 12:00 noon.

Pujante will also go all out and present at Meat Attraction the new range of processed products "Orígenes Pujante", which will be marketed soon. These are different culinary proposals with the various noble parts of the chicken and inspired by original and native flavors from different parts of the world, with which consumers will let their imagination run wild, traveling through the flavors without leaving home.

"Orígenes Pujante" is the brand's most innovative range to date, and its Rand D department is currently preparing new proposals in the medium term focused on new uses and lifestyles.

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