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PROVACUNO: Spanish beef exports increase by 17% and reach a historical figure

The Inter-Branch Beef Organisation (Interprofesional de la Carne de Vacuno), Provacuno , has reported that according to the latest data published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, corresponding to the 2019 financial year, a significant increase in exports of beef from Spain have been recorded in the last year. The opening of new markets, the consolidation of markets opened up previously and the companies’ commitment to an export strategy have been decisive in achieving this notable increase. The products that are being exported are meats, offal products and processed meat products from beef.

01 Jul 2020

Specifically, the year-on-year evolution of 2019 shows an export volume growth of 17%, going from 190,000 to 222,000 tonnes per year. These figures translate into an increase in the exported value of 13% (going from €716 million to €809 million; more than €90 million more in 2019 than in 2018).
It is worth noting the notable increase in exports to third countries (39,000 tonnes, with a value of €131 million), which represents an increase of 31% compared to the previous year, while exports to countries of the European Union (183,000 tonnes and €679 million) grew by 14% compared to the previous year.
The destinations that most demand Spanish products are Portugal, Italy, France and the Netherlands in the European Union; and Algeria, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Canada, in third countries. The case of Vietnam, a country only recently opened to Spanish beef, which in just one year has become the country with the seventh-highest demand for Spanish beef outside the EU, stands out.
This growth in exports coincides with the opening of new and important markets in this period, such as Vietnam, Singapore and more recently Japan, and with the strong support that the sector and its companies are giving to their exporting profile, opting firmly for the internationalisation of their productions as the spearhead of the strategy of many companies. Likewise, the strategy of the Inter-Branch Organisation Provacuno to work together with the Public Administrations in the opening of new markets and in the expansion of actions in the countries which are already open, as well as activating the promotion in third countries, is being rewarded with these figures that suggest that the best is yet to come.

About Provacuno
Provacuno is the Inter-Branch Agri-Food Organisation of the beef and veal sector. It is a private, non-profit and nationwide entity made up of the main companies in the production, processing and marketing sectors, and its purpose is to defend the interests of the beef sector, provide a meeting place and discussion forum and improve the situation of the sectoral food chain.
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