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Ppnor-Poltex: A new product that will reduce your losses and increase your quality

12 Jun 2019

Poltex covers have come about from the need we detected at Ppnor in relation to meat.Although a strict procedure can be followed within a slaughterhouse to ensure the safety of meat, once it leaves the premises unprotected, it may not be possible to guarantee its continuation.

These are covers for the conservation and transportation of fresh meat. They are made of polypropylene, a material composed of filaments bonded in a disorderly manner. This makes them breathable, meaning they allow the passage of air to be regulated between them to provide total protection. These covers do not stick to the meat nor are they absorbent.

They can bring a significant economic saving. We have proven that they can reduce shrinkage by more than 40%.

Furthermore, these covers provide a protection against microbiological and cross contamination that cannot be offered by other types of covers or protection, including during transport.

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