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01 March 2022

PACKSPAIN will present at Meat Attraction its Intuity Think equipment for metal detection with artificial intelligence.

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PackSpain distributes Sesotec equipment, offering customers new solutions for food safety and quality. Thus, our goal at Meat Attraction 2022 is to showcase a variety of equipment that can be remotely monitored and from which very precise information can be obtained to optimize in-line production and ensure that defective end products are avoided, guaranteeing absolute quality control.

As a manufacturer of quality control machines, the "Saving Food" project translates into the optimization and application of our technologies. Therefore, we are proud to present our latest development in technology based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data processing applied to our equipment for metal detection, Intuity.

Through Artificial Intelligence, Think analyzes the received data sets to, by means of complex algorithms, reach better sensitivity ratios, which will lead to the reduction of the product effect and false rejects, optimizing your production and your profit to the maximum.

Thus, we want to present a range of products with various benefits among which we can find:

- More stable detection processes, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and reducing false rejects, with a consequent reduction in terms of material loss and food waste.

- A very reliable and effective detection in products with high product defect, obtaining a higher yield and an improvement in costs.

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