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NortConsulting presents its technological solutions at Meat Attraction

12 Jun 2019

The NortConsulting Group is made up of a number of companies capable of providing all those professional services, platforms and technological products aimed at providing economical, efficient and sustainable solutions and systems that allow clients to improve the performance of their organisation.

All this is based on the experience, learning and continuous improvement gained and achieved alongside our more than 500 clients, with whom we have proudly been collaborating since 1995.

Our solutions in the areas of retail, industry and logistics range from radio frequency terminals, bar code readers, point of sale and self-checkout terminals, anti-theft solutions, labelling and digital signage, readers of all types of coding, order picking and preparation, turnkey projects for the implementation and commissioning of RTLS Solutions for stocktaking, location and asset management, Wi-Fi Infrastructure Logistics Platforms, RFID Solutions, artificial vision solutions, etc.

All our solutions have, if clients so request, their corresponding technical service for commissioning and maintenance support to ensure their correct operation.

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