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02 December 2021

MULTISCAN TECHNOLOGIES will present at Meat Attraction its innovative MXV

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Multiscan Technologies is a world leader in product selection, calibration, and inspection systems for the food industry. It is present on five continents with more than 1,300 systems installed. The combination of vision and X-ray technologies allows it to position itself in a unique way, with differential and highly advanced solutions in food inspection.

Versatile technological solution that responds to the most demanding needs for the inspection and classification of meat products.

MXV-Meat Advanced integrates X-ray and visible artificial vision technologies which, enhanced with deep learning artificial intelligence models, allow for the classification and selection of boxes or pieces of meat in real time.

Application in the curing and salting of hams

In the ham and shoulder production process, initial classification is one of the key points when it comes to optimizing the process. For correct curing, the main parameters to control are the percentage of fat and weight, since they condition salt absorption and shrinkage. In addition, it is interesting to measure the amount of salt to verify that it is within the established parameters.

Multiscan technology allows the estimation and classification by fat level, the measurement of salt in cured hams and the detection of hypodermic needles and other foreign bodies, making it the most complete solution on the market for this sector.

Other valuable applications: product-in-box

In addition to the measurement of hams, there are solutions that could be provided with the same equipment, such as the measurement of fat in lean boxes, the measurement of fat in ribs, pancetta or similar, and the detection of foreign bodies in parallel to the measurement of fat.  There is the option of working with random product input; boxes with or without bone automatically detected.

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