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ASICI: more acorn-fed pigs in the 2019-2020 ‘montanera’ campaign

The Inter-Branch Association of the Iberian Pig, Asici (Asociación Interprofesional del Cerdo Ibérico), has presented the results of the 2019-2020 ‘montanera’ campaign that reflect an increase in the slaughter of acorn-fed Iberian pigs in the pastures and the resulting carcasses fit for human consumption. The data registered in ÍTACA (ASICI’s digital information system that integrates and transmits the full traceability of Iberian pork products) indicate that a total of 732,962 acorn-fed pigs were slaughtered in the last ‘montanera’ campaign, representing an increase of 9.5% with respect to the 2018-2019 campaign year. Of these, 719,777 were carcasses fit for human consumption.

18 Jun 2020

Of the total of acorn-fed animals slaughtered, 54% correspond to the Black seal (precinto Negro), i.e. 100% Iberian pigs; and 46% to the Red seal (precinto Rojo), of which 11% are 75% Iberian and the remaining 35% from the 50% Iberian category.
The president of Asici, Antonio Prieto, indicated that “the data is confirming the good ‘montanera’ campaign that we have had this year. Although there was a delay in the start of the campaign, the availability of healthy high-quality acorns, together with sufficient rains for the pasture and good weather conditions, allowed the figures from this ‘montanera’ campaign to increase compared to the previous one. The data is a clear reflection of the maturity of the Iberian pork sector, of its ability to adapt to the conditions of the campaigns and its unwavering commitment to quality.”
By communities, 344,080 animals (47%) were fattened in Andalusia, 263,828 (36%) in Extremadura and 52,942 (7.2%) in Castilla y León. If we add Portugal with 58,951 animals (8%), we have the four main areas for fattening ‘montanera’ system animals.
Asici through the ÍTACA data
During Montanera 2019/2020, records showed 251,643 sessions were started in ÍTACA (+18.23% with respect to the previous campaign), 2,696,195 page views (+13.4%) and 37,103 active and registered users on the platform (+33.70%), reflecting the consolidation of the digital platform as a day-to-day tool for the sector.
Analysing the historical data, since the implementation of the Traceability System in 2015, there have been 16,447,247 page views and 196,177 users who have started almost one and a half million sessions.
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