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26 September 2019


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Meat Attraction 2019, the 3rd International Meat Sector Fair held from September 17 to 19, attracted 9,700 professional participants, an increase of 70% compared to the previous year and with an extremely high-quality visitor profile. Of the 446 participating brands and companies, 213 were direct exhibitors - 40% more than in 2018. This monographic event for the entire meat industry value chain has become established as a significant business platform.

The international area of Meat Attraction was one of the most prominent features of this event, highlighting the commitment of Meat Attraction to invite prominent foreign meat industry importers and traders. Of the total number of visitors, 13% were international, representing a growth of 53% at this edition with trade visitors from 54 countries. Most were from Europe, especially Portugal, Italy, France and the United Kingdom, joined by China, which was the event’s Guest Importing Country, and Colombia. A total of 55.7% of global visitors were from the EU, 24.5% from the Asia-Pacific area, 11.2% from Latin America, and 3.1% from the Middle East.

This exhibition is a renowned instrument for internationalisation of this sector, a meeting point for professionals that make up the entire chain and a framework for innovation in the meat market. Meat Attraction is committed to attracting large meat product importers and has made a significant investment in its guest programme, which drew 171 international buyers from 30 countries.

Similarly, Meat Attraction, in collaboration with ICEX trade offices around the world, hosted 819 meetings during the three days in the B2Meat workshops. The meetings attracted 67 buying companies from 16 countries who made contact with 70 exporters, in B2B monographs by product categories. These meetings provide participants with a platform for momentum and international expansion.

As for the profiles and professional activity of all Meat Attraction visitors, the onus was on high quality and specialisation. These can be broken down into 32.2% in the field of production, industry and processing; 22.7% wholesalers / traders / importers / exporters; 7.4% retailers / point of sale; 7.3% professional HORECA; 7% retail and distribution chain; 3.2% transport and logistics; 21% Services and other professionals.

Innovation was another subject of interest at Meat Attraction in order to present it as a fundamental part of a modern industry adapted to new types of consumers and demands from the market and society. The Innovation Hub area was the place for new and outstanding products and services presented by exhibitors participating in the Fair. In this sphere the event handed an Accelera Award to Cherky Foods in the product category for its Iberian beef and pork bars, and Cryosphera in the auxiliary industry category for its cooling system. The objective of the Accelera Awards is to reward the best innovation, sustainability and technology project applied to each category.

Parallel to the trade exhibition, Meat Attraction was also the setting for a broad programme of technical conferences and activities, which offered professionals a space for debate and knowledge exchange. From the X World Ham Congress to #Distrimeat, through Meat & Organic Congress and Meatic, the Conference on Automation and Digitalisation in Industry, World Meat Forum: China, the II Grand International Final of Capa Blanca Ham Cutters and the Best Ham Sandwich in Spain Contest, among others.

Likewise, Factoría Chef was the space for several demonstrations and show cookings by renowned chefs, which kicked off with Butcher and Deli Day, an initiative organised by Meat Attraction and Educarne-Carnimad with a comprehensive agenda of activities that featured Anthony Puharich, CEO of Victor Churchill Butcher, considered the best butcher's in the world, among others. This area also hosted the final of the Mercatapas contest, which was won by Casa Vecchia, Prosperidad Market, for its Piccolo della Casa tapa.

The Mercatapas Contest was part of the Meat Week programme, organised in collaboration with the Meat and Health and Meat Attraction Platform, whose objective has been to provide information about the properties, values and nutritional qualities of meat and meat products. A range of initiatives took place between September 13 and 22 ; from a recipe book for runners of the 10 km to a tapas route through five markets in Madrid, and the celebration of Butcher and Deli Day, in collaboration with Mensajeros de la Paz (Messengers of Peace) and the Church of San Antón who prepared and distributed the food in their charitable dining room for people in need.