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19 April 2021

Presenting MEAT Place, the service platform for the meat exporter

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An initiative aimed at boosting the business of meat companies, helping them to find new buyers, and detailing a B2B meeting program

Meat companies’ access to the main purchasing platforms is also facilitated under preferential conditions The event will be presented at the start of the Meat Attraction 2022 activities, which will be held from 8 to 10 March, 2022, with a series of international monographic conferences and b2b business meetings

The process of export development and internationalization have meant a qualitative leap of special strategic importance for the meat sector. In addition, the digital world is already changing the way of doing business, which will allow companies to approach large buyers, both in the European market and in third country markets.

News of the upcoming edition of the international fair for the meat sector was presented at the meeting organised by Meat Attraction and the National Association of Meat Industries of Spain (ANICE) to publicise the first activities that will take place within the framework of Meat Attraction 2022, which will be held from 8 to 10 March in 2022 at IFEMA MADRID.

The news included the digital platform Meat Attraction LIVEConnect and MEAT Place (, an initiative aimed at promoting foreign business opportunities for meat companies, helping them to approach international markets, learn about their characteristics and sales opportunities, and facilitate meetings with the main buyers.

In this presentation, which also presented Meat Attraction 2022, the two lines of work contemplated by MEAT Place were announced. MEAT Place aims to help companies engage in new forms of commercialisation.

The Platform will offer information and support to the exporter on the characteristics and opportunities presented by foreign markets, as well as with the detection of needs and the identification of priority markets. Likewise, it will facilitate the promotion of commercialisation, through B2B meeting agendas with buyers in the priority markets identified, for which purpose it will have the collaboration of the consultancy firm How2Go, an expert in the organisation of such initiatives. This firm was also present at the conference.

To conduct the virtual Business Meetings a detailed calendar was produced and key markets have been identified, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Japan and Vietnam.

For each of these meetings, an initial webinar will be organised on each selected market, and later the B2B meetings with importers will be held.

The first informative seminar, which will address the United Kingdom market, will be held on 7 May. There, experts familiar with this market will share its potential for the meat industry. A second round of Business Meetings will then be held with commercial meetings between the companies that want to participate and selected importers.

All of this will be made possible through the digital ecosystem of business meetings and networking offered by the Meat Attraction LIVEConnect virtual platform, on which the world’s first professional meat industry community and social network will be based.

Meat Attraction has become the biggest commercial event in the meat sector, which, by adapting to the current situation, is presenting a new proposal for the meat industry: the LIVE Connect virtual platform and the exporter services centre, MEAT Place.

MEAT Place, Service Centre for Meat Exporters

MEAT Place is an initiative that came about for the purpose of promoting foreign business opportunities for meat companies, helping them to approach international markets, learn about their characteristics and business opportunities and facilitate meetings with the main buyers.

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